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Who is Andrew's Father?
Pa or Great uncle Henry to Drew.
Who is Binky?
Aunt Blythe's dog.
Who was Drew's Aunt?
Aunt Blythe
When was the homestead built?
In 1865, right after the Civil War.
What is the Book about a boy who goes into the paast and exchanges places with a distant cousin?
Time for Andrew
Why doesn't Andrew want to go back to his own time?
He's afraid he'll die.
Where were Drew's parent's going?
To France for a archaelogical dig.
Where did Drew stay while his parents went somewhere?
He stayed with his Aunt Blythe in the old family homestead.
What was Drew's Mom's name?
What was Drew's Dad's name?
Who built the family homestead?
Drew's great-great-grandfather.
Why is Granfather hate Drew so much?
Drew reminds him of Andrew.
Who was the old man living with Aunt Blythe?
Drew's Grandma and Andrew's cousin.
What kind of dog is Aunt Blythe's dog?
A honey-colored cocker spaniel.
Who wrote the book about a young boy who goes into the past and exchanges places with a distant cousin?
Mary Hahn
How did Andrew die originally?
From Diptheria
How does Andrew come back?
Drew finds the marbles in the attic and Aunt Blythe takes them, but the have a curse that Andrew will come after them.
Who was the two main characters?
Drew from the present time and Andrew from the past.
What's the bet that Drew and Andrew have?
If Drew wins a game of marbles they will switch back again to their own time periods.
Who owed the house before Drew's Grandfather?
Great-uncle Henry