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What do tectonic plates consist of?
both continental and oceanic crust
What is a possible result of plates moving along a transform boundary?
What is the area called where two tectonic plates meet?
a boundary
What type of boundary is formed when plates collide?
What type of boundary is formed when plates separate?
What type of boundary is formed when plates slide past each other?
What occurrence is associated with transform boundaries?
What do scientists use the global positioning system for?
to measure tectonic plate motion
What is compression?
stress squeezing an object
What is tension?
stress pulling an object
What can tectonic plates form when they converge?
What do tectonic plates float on?
the asthenosphere
What can continental-oceanic collisions be called?
subduction zones
What are mid-ocean ridges the most common type of?
divergent boundary
What causes changes in density in the asthenosphere?
thermal energy
What is the Saint Andreas fault an example of?
strike-slip fault
What is convergent boundary?
where 2 plates collide
What is divergent boundary?
where 2 plates are moving away from each other
What is transform boundary?
where 2 plates are moving horizontally past each other
What is the process of moving layers of rock by heating and cooling called?
What is it called when denser oceanic lithosphere sinks beneath continental lithosphere?
slab pull
What is it called when oceanic lithosphere slides downhill due to gravity?
ridge push
What is the role of the asthenosphere in the movement of tectonic plates?
The asthenospher is a layer made of solid rock that flows very slowly. The tectonic plates float, or move very slowly on top of the asthenosphere
Why doesn't the earth grow larger, if the Earth's crust is growing at mid-ocean ridges?
because crust is recycled at subduction zones, where one plate moves under another plate
Why are the Appalachians Mountains now located in the middle of the North American plate?
The Appalachians formed when North America and Africa collided. In time, the places separated and so much crust was created that the mountains were no longer at the plate boundary.