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What event in Ursuline history happened in 1900?
Pope Leo the 13th called all the ursulines to go under one head in Rome. The group is now called the ursulines of the roman union
Who is Sr. Dorothy Ann Kelley, osu
the provincial of our province (east coast)
What happened on November 25, 1535
The OSU (order of st. Ursula) was founded
What year did the Ursulines go to Quebec?
what year did the Ursulines come to our school?
What are dioceasan groups?
groups of the ursulines who didn't join under one head in rome
Where is the oldest Ursuline school in the US?
Ursuline New Orleans
Who is mother Colette Lignon?
The head of the Ursulines of the Roman Union
When was st. Angela born? When did she die?
born: 1474
Died: 1540
What church did St. Angela live next to?
The church of St. Afra
When is St. Angela's feast day?
January 27
When is St. Ursula's feast day?
October 21
What stories are found in chapter 1 and 2 of Genesis?
The story of Adam and Eve
What story is found in Chapter 3 of Genesis?
The fall of man
What story is found in chaper 4 of genesis
Cain and Abel
What stories are found in chaper 5,10 and 11 of Genesis
The spread of Sin, The tower of Babel and the descendants from Adam to Noah
What stories are found in chapters 6,7,8 and 9.
6,7 and 8 are about the origin of Nephilim and 9 is about the covenant Between God and Noah
What does Advent mean
What are we waiting for?
we are waiting for the coming Jesus
When is the feast of the Immaculate Conception?
December 8
When is the feast of St. Lucy?
December 13
What feast is held on december 6
the feast of St. Nicholas