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Problems of population growth

1. unemployment

2. shortage of housing

3. insufficient healthcare services

Measures to reduce population growth

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Reasons for reduced birth rates

1. effective government polices

2. social changes

3. increase in standard of living

4. increase in cost of living

Slow population growth

•Birth control measures were highly successful:

- government polices

- preference of smaller families by educated couples

- higher cost of living

1980: fertility rate hit 1.82 children/ woman (dropped from 2.1)

Problems of declining birth rate

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Measures taken to increase population growth after 1980s:

1. Graduate Mothers Scheme (1984)

2. 'Have 3 or more if you can afford it' a new family planning policy

3. Other pro-family measures

4. Package of new marriage and parenthood measures (2004)

5. Attracting foreign talent



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Ageing population in SG

•post war baby boom

- majority of baby boomers teaching the age of 65 by 2030

•fall in birth rate

- proportion of young people decrease

- proportion of senior citizens increase

• longer life-span of Singaporeans

- improvement in healthcare services, medical technology, nutrition and standard of living

Impacts of an ageing population

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Meeting the challenges of an ageing population

1. Senior citizens as an asset to society

2. 'Many helping hands' approach


d. Government support

- tribunal for the maintenance of parents

- tax relief

- Central Provident Fund (CPF)

- Public Housing Schemes

-> safety nets made available to protect the interests of the elderly especially if they have little or no means