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calculated madness, anti-art, not really a movement. Anti-war. Soirees. Tristan Tzara. Influenced surrealism


hands on, edgier version of a museum. combined many unlike things

Tristan Tzara

Dada spokesperson. The Gas Heart.

The Gas Heart

Characters represented different parts of the body. Tricked audience into thinking it was serious.costumes had little to do with play.


Worship of machines, anything technology. Rejection of past, anything pretty, and women. Violate and offend. War was the world's hygiene. Filippo Tommaso Marinetti


shows machine workings, uniform- like costumes. Focus on the work/workers. Biomechanics.


Meyerhold's approach to acting. Focus on the body. Turn the body into a machine. Character feelings become physicalized.


originated in Germany, spread to USA. Truth is subjective. Emotions, fears, thoughts all projected. see what main character feels. Anti-war, anti technology. George Kaiser. Leopold Jessner, Elmer Rice, Sophie Treadwell

George Kaiser

The Gas Trilogy. Commenting on increasing deadliness of weaponry

Leopold Jessner

Richard the III. Giant Staircase