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Eugene Ionesco
He believed the purpose of theater was to present a vision of life. His characters were portrayed as caricatures, and lose control of their own existance
The Investigation - documentary play
Dramatizes the Frankfurt war-crimes tribunal; which tried the guards at the Nazi concentration camps
Edward Albee
Ventured from realism into symbolism with The Zoo Story and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
William Inge
Won a Pulitzer for Picnic
Developed in the late 40's as a reaction to Broadway's commercialism
Joseph Papp
He opened the New York Shakespeare Festival in 1954
Tennessee Williams
His themes were the plight of society's outcasts, outsiders trapped in a hostile environment, and/or victims unable to comprehend their world
Existentialist playwrights
These include Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus
Waiting for Godot
Most famous absurdist play, by Beckett
Harold Pinter
Wrote The Birthday Party, The Homecoming
August Wilson
Most significant contemporary playwright. Won the Pulitzer for Fences in 1985
Samuel Beckett
Absurdist playwright from Ireland; his dramas dealt with the ridiculous aspects of life
The Negro Ensemble Company
This organization became the oldest professional African American Company in continuous production
"God doesn't exist"
Theater of the Absurd
Believed much of what happened in life cannot be explained logically; it is ridiculous
Selective Realism
It heightens certain details of action, scenery, and dialogue while omitting others
Lorraine Hansberry
First black woman to have a play on Broadway
Dedicated to experimentation and introducing as well as showcasing new talent in New York
Peter Brook
Founded the Oxford University Film Society
Arthur Miller
Wrote The Death of a Salesman