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the emotions brought out when an audience watches a play
early form of political theater
hymns sung and danced to praise Dionysus
the ability to identify with the character
riot because of bad blood betwee actors Edwin Forrest and William Macready
Astor Place Riots
lengthy speech through which and audience reveals his state of mind
translated "alienation effect"
used by Brecht as to separate the audience emotionally from the dramatic action
alienation effect
Brazilian theatre practitioner
Theatre of Oppressed
Augusto Boal
the time when the director walks through the technical aspects of the production with the designers and staff is....
paper tech
Blocking refers to...
a pattern of how actors move on stage
Lee Bruer's 2003 Dollhouse is an example of what style of directing?
In the Middle Ages,_____ were the closest thing we have to a director
pageant masters
directors hold_____ to cast actors for a show
the actor-______ was an early precursor to the modern director
During technical rehearsals, emphasis is on _____
the lighting, sound, and set changes
the brief, immediate response to a theatrical event that appears in newspapers
Martin Esslin famously referred to Waiting for Godot and theatre of Beckett, Genet, and Ionesco as
Zeami Motokiyo wrote about this type of theatre to pass on the secrets of its performance to future generations
Who does the dramaturg work with?
playwrights, directors, and designers
Lynn Thompson took legal action against the estate of Jonathon Larson over authorship of this show
Practitioners who do much of what dramaturgs do but also read, evaluate and suggest plays
Literary Manager
Artaud is known for the development of this type of theatre which assaulted the senses of the audience
Theatre of Cruelty
The program of a Broadway production, designed for the audience, is contained within....
The title of a full length play should always be.....
Underlined or Italicized
many dramaturgs in the US hold positions as
literary managers
shadow puppet tradition
wayang kulit
includes all the events that happen or are mentioned in the text
the ordering or structuring of the events that actually take place on stage
the place in the story where the action begins
point of attack
beginning of the play which reveals events that happened before the play
point of highest emotional intensity
god from the machine
deus ex machina
developed epic theater
what is epic theater?
proletarian theatre directed toward social change through pioneering new approaches to the stage
when a play is composed of a series of scenes that don't follow a continuous story
serial structure
characters that embody the essence of particular human traits that enable them to speak across cultures and centuries
archetypal character
characters defined by externals--class, occupation, marital status
stock characters
a character that is defined by the inside and not simply the external
psychological character
painted panels on the side of the stage
retiring house
most common stage where the whole audience is front of the stage
proscenium or picture frame stage
raised extension of the stage
empty spaces that can be masked to hide actors
high ceilings behind the arch
fly spaces or loft
stages setup for outdoor performances
platform stages
stages on wheels
booth stages
he attempted to recreated the Globe Theater
Sam Wanamaker
stage where the audience is in front of and on the right and left of the stage
thrust stage
Japanese modified thrust stage
noh stage
theater in which several playing areas are set up
multifocus theatre
stage almost like a parade of stages
processional stage
theatre involving wooden masks
Noh theatre
type of theater where a change in costume indicates a change in temperament
where are half-masks found
commedia dell'arte