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Alcove (noun)
A small, recessed section of a room; nook.
Asylum (noun)
An institution for the care of the poor, or sick and especially the insane.
Gaunt (adjective)
Excessively thin or angular.
Avert (verb)
To turn away or aside (as the eyes) in avoidance.
Putrid (adjective)
Being in a rotten state; foul
Executor (noun)
The person appointed to execute (to carry out fully) a will.
Beneficiary (noun)
The person named (as in a will) to receive proceeds and benefits.
Heiress (noun)
A female who inherits or is entitled to inherit property.
Scrutiny (noun)
A searching study, inquiry, or inspection; examination.
Relinquish (verb)
To withdraw or retreat from; leave behind.