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Causes of The War of 1812
-Great Britain & France wer taking US ships, which interfered with American trade
-Us made a deal w/Frace: Us would stop trading w/Britain if French stopped taking the US ships
-US thought the British were arming the Native Americans to attack settlers in the NorthWest Territory
-US thought Britain was still interfering with its former colonies
-US wanted to Take Canada from Britain and Florida from Spain
There are 5 main causes
Northwest Territory
The land North of the Ohio River between the organized states and the Mississippi River
Not really where it sounds like it is
Havre De Grace
British victory (moral defeat for americans)
-May 1813
-English troops looted town
-English troops burned homes
-Americans retreated
Who won, when, what happened?
Havre De Grace means?
Harbor of Beauty
What words do havre and grace look like?
Main people involved with Havre De Grace
-John O'Neill (American who attempted to defend the town
Two people
Why did the British want Havre De Grace?
To secure the coastal cities and provide arms
Havre De Grace is located where? This is important because?
St. Michael's
US victory
-1812 (Americans fired on ships)
-Militia & citizens placed lanterns in treess so British missed the city when firing
-Citizens chained harbor and built forts
Who won, when, and what happened?
Main people involved with St. Michael's
-citizens of the town
-General Perry Benson (leader of MD Militia)
-Maryland Militia
Two groups of people and one specific person
Why the People of St. Michael's did what they did
To confuse the British troops and save the town
What was the purpose of putting lanterns in the trees?
Mary Pickersgill
-Born 1776
-Mother was flagmaker like her
-Widowed and lost 3 kids
-Made largers battle flag in 1813
-Flag inspired writing of the National Anthem
-Was President of Impartial Humane Female Society (charity for widows)
Born when, family, and major contributions
Why, when, and where Mary Pickersgill made the flag?
-Joshua Barney asked her to
-Flag flew during The Battle of Baltimore
Joshua Barney
-Navy leader
-Chesapeake Bay, MD
-During War of 1812, commanded many ships and helped save MD
-Defended the US and saved MD
What did he do, why was he significant, when and where?
Washington D.C
British victory (moral defeat for Americans)
-August 22,1814
-In Pickpoint & Washington
-British entered bay and Bladensburg
-MD militia retreated (named Bladensburg races)
-Barney was captured
-Redcoats marched to Wash. and burned buildings and White House
Who won, when, where, and what happened?
Major people involved with Washington D.C.
Joshua Barney
Two people
Why British wanted Washington D.C?
To destroy the capital and capture another coastal city
Similar to Havre De Grace
-Hot summer (9/12) 1814
-Ft. McHenry, North Point, Harbor
-British 3000 trooops attack city and fail
-americans block troops and protect city
When, where, and what happened?
Main people of the Burning of Baltimore
-12000 Baltimore troops
A specific person and group
Why British attacked Baltimore
-Inflict a final moral defeat
-End the war
-Capture the harbor & goods
-Pirate's Nest
4 Main things
Dolley Madison
British victory (Battle of Wash) but US Moral victory (many important documents saved)
-Married to President Madison
-August 1814
-Collected and saved historical documents, Cabinet papers & Washington's portraits
-Travelled through several states while trying to stay safe from British
Victory, family, when, where, and why significant?
Why Dolley Madison did what she did
-Promised husband that she'd save papers
-Feared for her husband's life and safety of the country
2 main things