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what place did china have during the Japanese Heian period?
- china served as th model for japanese culture
what is mono no aware?
- standng in awe of nature
makoto no kokoro?
pure/ sincere heart
construction of form; sense of transcience impermanent quality of life, nature of human artifacts
how does mujokan reflect a Buddhist perspective?
- world= illusion
- attached to illusion, causes suffering and pain
why would Genji and his friends compare women to furniture and paintings?
- something looks good on the outside but not all the way through
- put no trust in showyness
what happens in Genji's encounter with the wife of the governor of Iyo?
quick sexual encounter
Genji is... majata mokoto
who is the author of Genji?
what was the govt like during the Heian period?
(modern kyoto)
-run by the Fujiwara Klan
- meritocracy- exams to place your merit
Heian Aesthetics...
philosophy dealing with nature, creation, appreciation of beauty
which social class produced the art in which we examine?
what unique possibilities and conflicts did women have?
-excluded from scholarly education
- using chinese phonic system produced outstanding J Prose
what is Murasaki's Diary like? what does she record?
- vivid descriptions
- reminicences, anecdotes, experiences
What is buddhism and what sect of buddhism came to japan?
- buddha is savior
- Pureland Sect
what is a buddhist saint called?
what was different about the buddhistiva?
- thought to preside over western paradise (Pureland)
how did japanese combine buddhism and native shinto?
- mahayana buddism
what is pureland buddhism?
utter word Amitabha= salvation
howhow might one compare the concepts of mono no aware, makoto no kokoro, and mujokan function as "cutural DNA"of the Heian period.
created the mood and the way of life, the way people went about living