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The sun's ________ is the layer we see.
A dark area on the sun that is caused by twists and loops in the sun's magnetic field is a _____________.
A _________ is a brief burst of energy that occurs above a sunspot.
solar flare
The __________ is a fast-moving stream of particles ejected into space.
solar wind
Two stars the same distance from earth that give off the same amount of light will appear to have the same _________.
The sun's atmosphere is the __________.
The classification group to which most stars belong is the ____________.
main sequence
The ________ is everything that exists.
A group of stars, gas, and dust is a _______.
A _________ is the distance light travels in one Earth year.
Use the following words to define your place in space starting with the smallest concept and ending with the largest: solar system, universe, Earth, Local Group, Milky Way Galaxy
1. Earth
2. solar system
3. Milky Way Galaxy
4. Local Group
5. universe
At the center of a solar system is a _________?

A. galaxy B. moon
C. planet D. star
The surface of the sun is the part we can see. It is called the __________?

A. core B. photosphere
C. chromosphere D. corona
B. photosphere
Sunspots can cause brief bursts of energy known as solar __________?

A. flares B. auroras
C. prominences D. fusion
A. flares
The sun is a huge mass of _________?

A. metals B. gases
C. light D. liquids
B. gases
The hottest in the main sequence are also the _____________?

A. brightest B. largest
C. least bright D. smallest
A. brightest
The Milky Way Galaxy is located in the Local Group, a ____________?

A. universe B. nebula
C. galactic cluster D. main sequence
G. galactic cluster
The Milky Way Galaxy is what type of galaxy?

A. spiral B. elliptical
C. irregular D. spiral barred
A. spiral
The hottest in the main sequence are also the _____________?

A. brightest B. largest
C. least bright D. smallest
A. brightest
Energy from the sun travels in the form of what?
Which layer is the hottest part of the sun?
In which layer of the sun are the cooler particles pulled down by gravity?
convection zone
In which layer of the sun do sunspots occur?
Astronomers hypothesize that a star forms in a cloud of dust and gas called a ____________?