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Sumerian's were people that had beliefs in many gods.What is this belief called
What are the five key characteristics that set Sumer apart from earlier human societies?
1. advanced cities
2. specialized workers
3. complex institutions
4. record keeping
5. advanced technology
By 3,000 B.C. the Sumerian's had built a number of cities surrounded by what?
Fields of barley and wheat.
The Sumerian's created their own government and each with its own rulers which is know as what?
a city-state
Of the Sumerian city-states Uruk,Kish,Lagash,Umma, and Ur. Which of these still exist?
What were the Sumerian's earliest governments controlled by?
the temple priests
What is a Ziggurat?
a pyramid-shaped structure
Sumerian's roughly believed in over how many gods?
The Sumerian's invented what?
the wheel,the sail,and the plow
What is a series of rulers from a single family called?
a dynasty
What was the Sumerian's god of clouds and wind?
To the Sumerian's the lowest of all gods were demons know as what?
Wicked Udugs
What poem did the Sumerian's write that consists of the richest accounts of Mesopotamian myths and legends?
the Epic of Gilgamesh
what was a Sumerian record keeper called?
a scribe
What was the Sumerian's unit of land measurement called?
Over time the Sumerian's developed their there symbols into a complete writing system. This system was based on what?
What did the city-states put up to mark their borders?
What are the two river from the Fertile Crescent?
Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
What was the earliest city in part of Mesopotamia called?
When did the Sumerian's settle on Mesopotamia?
3500 B.C.