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The human heart beats once every 800 milliseconds. How many seconds is that?
0.8 s
A large blue whale can have a mass of 660,000 kilograms. What is the mass of the blue whale in grams?
660,000,000 g
An aspirin tablet has a mass of 250 milligrams. What is the mass of the tablet in grams?
0.250 g
A toaster draws 1.3 kilowatts of energy. Convert this into watts.
1300 W
The highest pitch the average human ear can hear is 20,000 hertz. What is the frequency expressed in kilohertz?
20 kHz
Convert 35 cL to mL.
350 mL
Convert 25 km to mm.
25,000,000 mm

(25 km = 25,000 m [25 x 1000]; 25,000 m = 25,000,000 mm [25,000 x 1000])
Mt. Waialeale in Hawaii receives an average of 1,168 centimeters of rain every year. What is this amount expressed in meters?
11.68 m
A marathon race covers a distance of 42 kilometers. How many meters is this?
42,000 m
The owner's manual of a car says that the engine crankcase can hold 3.8 L of oil. How many mL is this?
3800 mL
How many centimeters wide is 35 mm camera film?
3.5 cm
The average person has 5 L of blood in his body. What is the volume of blood expressed in milliliters?
5000 mL