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The part of the part of the brain you use to think and feel.
The Cortex
The top of the brain is divided into
two domes called:
Cerebral Hemispheres
The two cerebral hemispheres
together make up:
The Cerebrum
The part of the brain that monitors the information sent to your brain and decides where, or if, it should be processed is called:
The Pons
Helps carry message between the the brain and the rest of the body.
The Spinal Cord
The part of the brain that controls your heart rate, temperature, waterworks, sleep and sexual development.
The Hypothalamus
The part of the brain that helps
control movement.
The billions of tiny nerve cells which make up your brain are called:
The thick bundle of nerves which joins the left and right domes of the cerebrum.
Corpus Callosum
The long tentacle, often with branching ends which carries signals away from the cell body and passes
them on to dendrites on other neurons are called:
The side of the brain that is used for
speech and language.
Left Side
The side of the brain that thinks
using pictures.
Right Side
Tentacles which radiate from the cell body which receive signals from axons and carry them to the cell body.
How are messages carried away from
Through tiny pulses of electricty.
How are messages carried away from
Through tiny pulses of electricty
traveling down the Axon.
Axons and dendrites are seperated by
tiny gaps called:
What happens when a signal reaches the end of an axon?
Special chemicals are released which spread across the gap and then the dedtrie fires off an electrical pulse.
The human brain has aboutapproximately how many neurons?
100 billion