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Neurons are cells with the SPECIAL ABILITY to carry...

Signals or impulses

Are carried by nerve impulses in the Neurons

Thoughts, emotions, learning, and many body function s

Is a combination of an electrical charge and a chemical reaction.

Nerve impulse

A nerve impulse is not a flow of electricity, but an (answer) moving along a neuron.

Electrochemical signal

A nerve impulse cannot jump from the neuron to another. When a nerve impulse comes to an end of an axon, it produces the chemical, called...


The chemical crosses the space between neurons called...

Stimulates the nerve impulse to start in the next dendrites.


The nerve impulse is sent by neurotransmitters from one neuron to another through a gap called SYNAPSE


The nervous system is assisted by FIVE SENSE ORGANS

These sense organs are constantly receiving information from the environment and sending messages to the brain.

Eyes ears nose tongue and skin

Is any factor in the environment that may trigger a nerve impulse.

Is received by the body and a response is made.

Stimulus (plural: stimuli)

Is the length of time between application of a stimulus and detection of a response.

Reaction time