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What do you think Baba was thinking about the mittens when Nicki came home?
* Why is this mitten larger than the other?
* What was Nicki doing outside to cause his mitten to be stretched out?
What are mittens?
A covering for your hands when it is very cold or snowy. They are not like gloves because there is not a section of material for each finger.
In what order did the animals appear in the story?
1. mole 2. rabbit
3. hedgehog 4. owl
5. badger 6. fox
7. great bear 8. meadow mouse
What is a hedgehog?
An animal with quills almost like a porcupine.
Why doesn't Nicki's grandmother want to make snow white mittens for him?
She doesn't want to make snow white mittens because if one drops on the snow, Nicki will not be able to find the mitten.
What does it mean to say Jan Brett 'adapted' the story?
Someone told Jan Brett the story or legend which had been passed down through the years. Now, she was telling the story in her words.
What animals use the mitten?
A mole, a snow-shoe rabbit, a hedgehog, an owl, a badger, a fox, a bear, and a meadow mouse use the mitten.
What do you think hedgehog was looking for under the wet leaves?
Bugs, worms, other types of life which would become his food.
Where is the Ukrain?
The Ukrain is on the European Continent between western Europe and Russia.
What are talons?
Talons are sharp claws on a birds' feet. They are used for holding onto objects in order to keep from falling off and for catching their prey.
What happened when the great bear sneezed?
The mitten flew up into the air and the animals were scattered all over the snow.