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What is the Great Plains?
The vast region that extends from western Texas north to the Dakotas and on into Canada
What is counting coup?
to touch an enemy or capture his weapon
What united the 31 different tribes of the Plains?
They shared a complex and efficient sign language.
Where did the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroad meet?
They met in Promontory, Utah.
What was the system of concentration?
It forced the Plains Indians to live in a particular region.
What does the land of the Great Plaiins look like?
It is mostly level with few trees.
What is a right of way?
It is the thin strip of land on which the tracks were laid.
What was the nickname for the Great Plains?
The Great American Desert
What was the Pacific Railway Act?
It granted a charter to build a railroad from Nebraska west and another railroad eastward from California.
How did the Plains Indians measure their wealth?
Their wealth was measured in terms of horses.