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Which of the following is not a common characteristic shared by blood and lymph vessels?
they contain continually circulating fluid
The thoracic duct:
is the largest lymph vessel in the body
The cisterna chyli:
is part of the thoracic duct
The name of the lymphatic vessels in the walls of the small intestine is:
Lymphedema may result from:
- a congenital abnormality
- lymphangitis
- a parasitic worm infestation
- can carry cancer cells that can be trapped in lymph nodes
- can be a possible route for the spread of cancer
- can carry bacteria to lymph nodes
One type of lymphoma is:
Hodgkin's disease
Which of the following tonsils are located on either side of the throat?
palatine tonsils
The spleen:
helps to filter out bacteria
Which of the following structures is not part of the lymphatic system?
Heat, one sign of inflammation, is caused by:
increased blood flow to the inflamed area
Swelling, one sign of inflammation, is caused by:
increased vessel permeability
The inflammation response is part of:
nonspecific immunity
The immunity that is passed from mother to fetus is an example of:
natural passive immunity
A person exposed to hepatitis is given a shot of gamma globulin (an antibody against hepatitis) to keep him from coming down with the disease. This is an example of:
artificial passive immunity
cause the formation of antibodies
Compliment fixation:
- helps kill cells on whose surface compliment-binding takes place
- occurs when antigen and antibody join
- consists of a group of protein molecules
- is activated by antibodies
- is usually found in an inactive form in the blood
Kupffer cells is a special name given to:
macrophages in the liver
B cells:
have specific antibodies in their cell membranes
Antigens casue immature B cells to:
become plasma cells
Long-term immunity occurs when:
B cells form memory cells
T cells:
- spend time developing in the thymus
- are responsible for cell-mediated immunity
An important phagocytic cell in the immune system is the:
Anaphylactic shock is:
an immediate allergic reaction
Which of the following is not a type of hypersensitivity of the immune system?
human lymphocytic antigen
Hives are the result of:
an immediate allergic reaction
Systemic lupus erythematosus is:
an autoimmune disease
Severe combined immune deficiency can be:
treated by a bone marrow transplant
Acquired immune deficiency:
- can be caused by a virus
- can be caused by a medical treatment
Which of the following tonsils are located near the posterior opening of the nasal cavity?
- pharyngeal tonsils
- adenoids