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George Whitefield's famous American friend
Benjamin Franklin
Why did such good people as the colonists need a revival?
Many of them had never accepted Christ as their personal Savior.
What American Puritan preacher helped the Great Awakening get started?
Jonathan Edwards
What was the Great Awakening?
A revival which swept America between 1730 and 1760.
Who was the mother os JOhn and Charles Wesley?
Susanna Wesley
Who was the young missionary that gave his life for the Indians?
David Brainerd
Why did david Brainerd die so young?
He was very ill for years.
Who worked to give America religous freedom?
Isaac Backus
What Great Awakening preacher came to America seven times to preach the gospel?
George Whitefield
Where did Jon and Charles Wesley go to college?
Oxford University
Who founded the Methodist Church?
John Wesley
Who was the famous American missionary to the Indians?
David Brainerd
Came to America seven times to preach the gospel
George Whitefield
Johnathan Edwards became presisdent of what university just before his death?
What was the name of Brainerd's faithful Indian helper?