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What news was announced on September 8, 1943?
Italy has surrendered.
What unpleasant fact about the Van Pels does Anne write about on October 17, 1943?
The Van Pels ran out of money.
Why does Anne take Valerian pills every day?
She took them to fight anxiety and depression.
What does Peter admire about Anne?
It is that she was attractive.

For what type of activity does Peter have a


(Version b only)
Who is Anne having loving recollections of in her entry on January 7, 1944?
Peter "Petel" Schiff
Why is there no entry in Anne's diary between December 6th and December 27th?
She caught the flu and was too sick to write.
What is the best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely, or unhappy?
To go outside
What book, about youth problems, is everyone reading?
A Cloudless Morning
What was accidentally cremated?
Anne's fountain pen
How much money did the Van Pels get for selling the rabbit skin coat?
325 guilders, or 325 florin
What publication does Mr. Kugler bring to Anne every Monday?

Cinema & Theater Magazine

Why was Bep not allowed to come into contact with the residents of the Secret Annex for six weeks?

There was an outbreak of diphtheria at Bep's.

Name an organization that forged identity cards, supplied money to people "underground", found hiding places for people, and worked for those in hiding.

Free Netherlands

What does "Himmelhock jauchzend und zum Tode betrübt" mean?

"On top of the world, or in the depths of despair"

Of what does Anne say Lies Goslar is a symbol?

The suffering of Jews

Where does Peter want to go when the war is over?

He wants to go to the Dutch East Indies and live in a rubber plantation.

What did newspapers report that Germany was prepared to do if the English landed in Holland?

They will do what they can to defend the country, even flooding it.

What did Miep write on the Christmas cake?

"Peace 1944"