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What were Northern Democrats who supported peace called?
Who were the Generals involved in the surrender?
Union: General U.S. Grant
Confederate: Robert E. Lee
Who won the election of 1864?
Abraham Lincoln
What did the Thirteenth Amendment do?
abolished slavery
Who was John Wilkes Booth?
he assassinated President Abraham Lincoln
What was the ironclad ship of the North?
the Monitor
Where did the Civil War begin?
Fort Sumter
What is conscription?
a draft that forced certain members of the population to serve in the army
What was the ironclad ship of the South?
the Merrimac
After the Confederates defeat the Union at Fort Sumter, what state secedes from the Union to join the South?
What were bounties?
cash payments to volunteers to serve in the army
What was the Union military war strategy and the name given to it?
block southern ports, split the Confederacy in two by taking the Mississippi River and capture the capital of the South, Richmond

The North was called the
The South was called the
The first bloodshed of the war occurred at what battle?
Bull Run
How were African Americans treated as soldiers in the Civil War?
they were discriminated against, received less pay that white soldiers,
Who was the leader of the Union army appointed by President Lincoln?
General George McClellan
Where did the massacre of 200 African American prisoners and some whites take place? (by the Confederates)
Fort Pillow
What General captured Forts Henry and Donelson?
General U.S. Grant
What was the state of the Southern economy during the Civil War?
food shortage, no manpower to work the fields, blockade of ports by Union created shortages in sugar, coffee, nails, needles
What battle taught both sides strategies about fighting?

Name two of the strategies
The Battle of Shiloh

importance of sending out scouts, digging trenches and building strong protective camps
What was the state of the Northern economy during the Civil War?
economic boom, manufactured uniforms, shoes, guns and other supplies, farmers had labor saving machines to work the fields
What Union commander seized New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Natchez?
Admiral David Farragut
What did the government put into effect to help pay for the war?
they collected an income tax
Who was the Confederate General that fought against General McClellan at the Seven Days' Battle?
General Robert E. Lee
What was the war prison on the Confederate side?
Who was the superintendent of nurses on the side of the Union?
Dorthea Dix
The bloodiest single day battle was fought at what site?
What was the United States Sanitary Commission?
an organization to improve the hygienic conditions of Army camps, recruit and train nurses
Who was known as the Angel of the Battlefield?
Clara Barton
What was the Trent Incident?
Two diplomats were taken prisoner on their way to get support from Great Britain to recognize the Confederacy. The men were traveling on a ship named the Trent. Britain threatened war, the men were released.
Where was the 3 day battle fought that was the turning point of the war?
What was Great Britain's position during the War?
They were neutral but sold ships to the South.
The South defeated the North at this location where Stonewall Jackson was shot and later died leaving Lee without a strong leader.
Chancellorsville, Virginia
By winning Vicksburg what does this give Grant and the Union?
control of the Mississippi River
What was the military action issued by Pres. Lincoln that freed the slaves?
Emancipation Proclamation
What was the purpose of the Gettysburg Address?
initially to dedicate a cemetery, however, Lincoln's words spoke about uniting a nation
Where did the surrender of the Civil War take place?