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Were there any changes in the main characters as the story progressed?
Timothy and Phillip became good friends and Phillip came to see how precious life really is.

When and where is the story placed?
The main setting is on a small cay in what was called the Devil's Mouth. It was around the time of World War 2.
How is the main conflict solved?
Phillip returns to Willemstad after being found by a plane, but Timothy doesn't. He died from a harsh group of hurricanes.
Is the setting important in the story?
The setting in the story isn't that exact but if it wasn't a barren island, none of the story would make sense.
Main Conflict

What is the main conflict in the story?
The problem is that Timothy and Phillip are stuck on a small island and don't know that much about surviving off the land.
Does the setting change during the course of the story?
The setting changes many times throughout the story. The story starts in Curaco.Then it is the "Hato". Then Phillip and Timothy are stranded on the cay. Once Timothy is found he goes back to Curaco and then on to Willemstad.
Main Characters

Who were the main characters in the story?
Phillip Enright and Timothy are the only main characters in the story.