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Geoffrey Chaucer was the first
great figure in English literature that we know much about
The Canterbury tales was written in _____ and referred to as the first
collection of short stories in English literature.
These stories, unlike modern short stroies, are written in ________ rather than in ________
poetry, prose
Each level of soceity in medieval England is represented among the pilgrims with the exception of the _________
name members of the feudal level mentioned in the story
kingt, squire, yeoman, franklin, reeve, miller, plowman
name members of the eccleisastical (related to the church)
- parson, summoner, monk, priorress, friar, pardoner, student
name members of the urban level. (professional/mercantile)
Where do the tales come from
all over Europe, ancient legend, and or the orient;
some are from Chaucer's contemporaries
almost each tale ends with a piece of
proverbial or other wisdom derived from it
What are four medieval genres included in the story
define fabliaux
a short story with a snappy, quick ending
define: lay
a short, romantic poem
define exemplum
one section of the medieval sermon- the part which set forth examples to illustrate the theme of text of the sermon
how does Chaucer describe the knight?
- chivalrous, distinguished, experienced, honourable, has high admiration for him
how does Chaucer describe the miller
- crude, obnooxious, Irish baffoon
how does Chaucer describe the Yeoman
- pleasant, well read, welll mannered, friendly, pleasant,
- Chaucer likes her
how does Chaucer describe the Friar
- a crook, a creep, arranged many marriages to avoid getting in trouble
how does Chaucer describe the wife of bath?
rich, noble, world traveled, greedy
how does Chaucer describe the pardoner
- a crook, a liar
What does L-I-D-D-S stand for as far as tone
language, images, details, diction, sentences structure
the important and individual word choices the author makes
the appeals made to the various senses have an emotional or attitude attached to them
this term describes the characteristics of all the words used inthe piece, terms like slang, colloquial, scholarly, poetic
these facts chosen by the author or speaker convey feeling; what he or she choses to include or leave out of the facts presented shows attitude
Geoffrey Chaucer was born in
in _____ Chaucer was a soldier in the ______________________
1359, Hundred years war
in ____, Chaucer was married
Chaucer would serve as a ______ becasue he was efficient and trust worthy
king valet
When did Chaucer write the canterbury tales?
- 1386
frame story
a story within a story
Where are the pilgrims in the Canterbury tales going?
- Sir Thomas a Becket
What is typical of the content in the Canterbury tales?
- the adventures of one or more knights are at the center of a medieval romance
- the plot often involves a quest of some sort
- the characters are meant to display the virtues of chivalry. Realism in character development is not valued
- supernatural events are often present
What is the purpose of a fabliau
to lillustrate a simple moral lesson
Characters are often __ dimensional
events clearly illustrate the
dangers of vice/ rewards of virtue
a variety of traditional authority are ussually_______, with characters that _____________ authority
jealous, challenge
Where does a fabliau take place
realistic medieval village, rarely at court, time is present
plot often involves
trickery, humiliation, obscene jokes, absurdity
define fabliaux justice
justice that assures that those who are controlling, gullible, and entitled are punished, those who are clever are rewarded