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1. What years did the Black Death occur in Europe?
Answer: The Black Death occurred from 1347 thur 1351. (encarta)
2. What other names were used to refer to the Black Death?
Answer: Initially the plague was referred to as The Pestilence and The Great Mortality.. (encarta)
3. Why were some areas of Europe either spared or had less deaths from the Black Death?
Answer: The city of Milan closed their gates and did not permit any travelers into thier city during the time of the plague. Only few people died in Milan. Bohemiu, Poland, and central Germany were spared due to thier relative isolation, (encarta)
4. Approximately how many deaths are attributed to the Black Death?
Answer: Approximately 25 million people died from the Black Death from 1347-1351. (encarta)
5. What percentage of Europe's population was lost durring the Black Plague?
Answer: 1/3 of Europes population was lost during the Black Death from 1347-1351(encarta)
6. How long did one live after being infected with the Black Death?
Answer: Usually 60% of the infected will die within the first five days after the symptoms appeared.(encarta)
7. When was the last out break of the plague?
Answer:The last known case of the plague was in Western Europe in 1722 (encarta)
8. How is the disappearnce of the plague explained?
Answer: Theories are 1)Black rats that carry the disease have been replaced by brown rats that didnt carry the disease. 2)the increase immunity amoung rodents taht carry the disease. 3)It may have been a change in the disease itself broke the cycle of transmission. 4) Humans intervention such as quarantines... (((encarta)
9. What brought the Black Death to Europe?
Answer: The Oriental rat flee initally brought the Black Death to Europe.(insectal/transmission)
10. What were the two ways people were infected with the Black Death?
Answer: The bite of an infected flea initially spread the Black Death. Airborne droplets of saliva cough up by infected humans could also spread some forms of this disease. (insecta/transmission)
11. What are the three forms of Black Death?
Answers: The bubonic plague, The Pneumonic plague, and The Septicemic plague
12. Which of these forms of Black Death was most common during this time.
Answer: The Bubonic Plague was the most common with a mortality rate of 30-75%.(insecta/Black)
13. Why was Pneumonic and Septicemic Plague not as common?
Answer: The victims of these two plagues would die before they could spread the disease ,by traveling. (insecta/Black)
14. What was the symptoms of the bubonic plague?
Answer: The sympotoms included enlarged inflame lymph nodes (armpits, neck , or groin) about the size of a egg, black or purple spots appear on areas of the body , headaches, nausea, vomiting (sometimes blood), aching joint,fever,and diarrhea. (insecta/Black)
15. Which of the three forms of the plague was the most deadliest and would it be deadly today.
Answer:The Septicemic plague was the deadliest with a 100% death rate and even today there is no treatment. (insecta/Black)
16.Would the Bubonic Plague be as deadly today as it was during the period of the Black Death?
Answer: NO, if the Bubonic or Pneumonic Plague occurred today the motality rate would be 5-10% due to the invention of antibiotics.(insecta/Black)
17. Where did the Black Death originate from?
Answer: It is belived the plague originated from Asia and moved West.It was brought to Italy via rat fleas on board of Italian merchant ships returning from the black sea.(inspecta/path)
18. Why is it called the Black Death?
Anwser: It was called the Black Death because of the black spots it produced on the skin. (inspecta/path)
19. How did the Bubonic Plague get its name?
Anwser:The name came from the swellings called buboes that appeared on a victim's neck ,groin ,and armpits
20. Why did the Plague seem to disappear in winter?
Answer: The flees that transmit the disease are dormant in the winter and not spreading the disease.