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1. Austria-Hungary:

-Had annexed Bosnia and Herzegovnia

-Wanted Bosnia in empire

-Bosnia was in Ottoman empire

-A-H had large empire

2. Ottoman Empire:

-Empire faced revolution with Young Turks

-Empire was in decline

-A sweep of nationalism in many Balkan states

-Serbia was a growing influence in many of these states

3. Russia:

-1905 Russia suffered a humiliating defeat to Japan

-Wanted prestige in Europe

-Russia's Ports were ice, wanted access to the Mediterranean

-This was prohibited, an attempt would provoke Britain

Serbia and Slav Nationalism:

-Many were Slavs

-Ottoman empire (sick man of Europe)

-Most wanted one Slav nation


1. A-H had been given Bosnia by an 1878 treaty

2. Wanted it as an official part of empire

3. Made a deal w/ Russia, which meant that if Russia supported the annexation, A-H would support Russia getting it's warships access through the Balkan straights.

4. Russia didn't get what they wanted (other powers stood against them)

5. A-H went ahead.

6. Russia protested but Germany stood with them

7. This left R feeling humilliated


1. Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro made the Balkan League to attack Turkey and help push her out of Europe

2.Took 6 weeks

3. Turkey left with little land and Serbia doubled in size and so tension had increased in Europe again.


1. With Turkey defeated, her land had to be dealt with.

2. A conference was held in London to decide how to peacefully share out the land.

3. Bulgaria was annoyed with what she received, attacked Serbia

4. Was quickly defeated and Serbia gained more land