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Florence Kelley
An american social and political reformer. She worked fro minimum wage, 8 hour work days, and to get rid of sweat shops.
Mary Baker Eddy
Founder of Christian science, a new religious movement that emerged in the late 19th century.
William James
An american philosopher and psychologist who was also trained as a physician. The first educator to offer a psychology coarse in the U.S.
Henry George
An american writer, politician and political economist who was the most influential proponent of the land value tax, or single tax on land.
Horatio Alger
A prolific 19th century author.
Mark Twain
Real name was Samuel Longhorn Clemens. Author and humorist
opposition to immigrants
the sense of caring for nourishing developing and enhancing.
Social Gospel
A protestant Christian intellectual movement that was prominent in the early 20th century.
Settlement House
The house where a settlement would be made in government.
Women's Christian Temperance Union
The first mass organization among social reform.
Eighteenth Amendment
Prohibition of alcohol beverages.