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twit(noun, masc)
This word is use to describe a rather silly person... ex: T'es un beau twit!
smoke (fem. noun) A Native-Canadian word incorporated into the Canadian-French vocabulary. (De la viande boucanee) - smoked meat. Europeans learned this preservation technique from American (Canadian) natives.
on va se la farcir
we'll god damn fuck her!! Exemple: Hey, on va aller se farcir la criss de plotte là-bas!!! translate: Hey, we'll god damn going to fuck the fuckin pussy!!
accouche qu'on baptise!
(verb + pronoun + verb)
give birth that we may baptize! Get on with it! Often only the first word is used and the rest understood: 'Accouche!!'
tabarnaque/tabarnak! (interjection)
Goddam it! [ta'barnak] Literally, the Tabernacle, the place where the Eucharist is kept in a Roman Catholic church.
fifi(m), moumoune(f), moune(f), fife(m) (all nouns)
They are synonyms of queer, gays, homosexual. Commonly used words for homosexuals. The word in parentheses refers to the gender.
Avoir l'air de la chienne à Jacques
Looks like Jack`s dog (bitch) This expression is used to describe someone (usually a woman or girl) who is not looking too clean or attractive. I.e. Elle a l'air de la chienne à Jacques c'matin. Translation: She looks like Jack's dog (bitch) this morning.
Se fermer la trappe
Stop talking or speak / Stay silent Used when a person has a tendency to speak to much.
queer Noun.Fem. Not as neutral as queer; can be compared to "tapette". Ex.: Une vraie moumoune! Can also discribe someone who is a coward, a whimp.
boules (noun, feminine, plural)
boobs Quebec girls are widely rumored to have nice sets of "boules" - and they can be grabbed as in "il lui a pogné les boules".
virrer une brosse (expression)
To get drunk and get sick. Use when you partyed too much: "jai viri une brosse hier" To get sick after drinking.
Avoir la chienne
to get scary ~ to have great fear, to face a very difficult situation.
plotte (qualificative, noun)
vagina/slut (pronunciation: plot)Two different definitions They're both associated with woman. The first is the genital of the women (used as a noun) the second is a qualificative of amoral woman.
becosse (fem. noun)
outdoor privy From the English: backhouse. Quite an acceptable term - very lady-like.
une calice de ...
a fucking damn ... (idiot, moron)
Avoir des plans de negres
To have bad intentions or ideas That expression has racist tendencies even if the person who says it isn't.
jo (masc. noun)
breast The pronounciation is 'djo' as it would be in English. (Elle a de tout petits jos.)
ben criss
tata (masc. noun)
fool. Ostie de tata de crisse!
Avoir l'air simple
make a fool of himself Local expression used in the Saguenay-Lake St-Jean area.
dépanneur (masc. noun)
mini-store, mini-grocery "Dépanneur" is a kind of mini-grocery, mini-store that you can find on almost every street corner, which is open from 7 AM to 11 PM. There is almost everything there, but mostly food and alcohol. The word is so used that even Anglo-Quebecers have assimilated it in his French form!
bazou (masc. noun)
heap {old wreck of a car} Often used in the sarcastic sense, in appreciation of a really hot new car - 'un beau bazou ca'.
trou d'cul
ass hole more effective if you use ostie d'trou d'cul
râper le fromage à cap (verb phrase)
to suck on an unwashed foreskin it is well-known that what accumulates under the foreskin of uncut males has a strong smell of cheese. giving a blowjob when "le cap" has not been washed is therefore analogous, in a way, to grating a cheesy substance.
va chier
go take a crap Also used in it's milder from: Va peter dans les fleurs, meaning "Go fart in the flower bed"
to fuck/ or / to make a mistake
poof, fairy An (effeminate) gay man. Alludes to limp-wristedness, as the literal sense is "fly-swatter".
faire ses patatoumes (vb. + noun)
making love Used with a sense of humour. (Elle n'a jamais fait ses patatoumes.)
viarge (fem. noun)
virgin A rather nasty expletive - an allusion to the Virgin Mary. The word seems to derive its nastiness from the mispronounciation of the word 'vierge'. The expression becomes much ruder when 'trou de cul de' is placed in front of it
pig, in sense of cup
tête de rubber
Rubberhead Someone who's not brilliant
stubbornly stupid individual Used when frustrated about someone's obstinately contrary behavior."Eye le cave!"
fat ~ in the sense of brainless.
host The holy bread,the symbolic representation of Christ's body
trou de passage (noun, masculine)
A hole for passing through This is a rather insulting way of describing a female with whom your relationship won't exactly be long term. E.G. "Celle-la, c'est qu'un trou de passage." If your girlfriend feels you haven't been paying enough attention to her, she may well ask "Est-ce que tu me prend pour un trou de passage?"
boutte (masc. noun)
erect penis Literally - the extended end of an object. It can also refer to sexual activity (il ferait n'importe quoi pour le boutte) The proper French spelling is 'bout' (the tail end of something). With reference to sexual activity the term is often 'bout de queue' (piece of tail).
pachipagi (masc. noun)
penis Usually used with a sense of humour, or when speaking to a child.
mange de la marde
eat shit. Notice that, whereas European french say merde, and often enough mean it in a pleasant way, Quebecois say marde, and don't.
toilet (fem. noun) Literally - shitter or shitting place. A rather crude word. (Il est parti a chiotte.)
guidoune (noun)
prostitute (gueedoon). Cette femme est habillee comme une guidoune
se crosser
to wank
brosse (noun)
to get drunk Usally used in the expression : "Prendre une brosse: It means to get "pissed",ya know too much alcool...
mettre (verb)
have sex with Literally - to put, or wear as a garment. (J'aimerais donc la mettre.) This is slightly rude.
slomeau(noun, masc)
This word design a person not exactly known for is abilities to understand quickly. ... This word was created in honor of a well-known Quebec Family (Jumbo, Popa, and their two sons, Rosario and Tito). For further details, see Elvis Gratton.
pataclan (masc. noun)
penis Usually used with a sense of humour, or when speaking to a child.
se bêcher
to fall/ trip on something Often said when you want to make fun of someone who fell or triped (?). As in: "quin! tu t'es bêché!!!!"
crisse moi patience!(expression)
leave me alone, go away. To say when someone is bothering you, when you're tired of that person.
peau (fem. noun)
prostitute Literally - skin. It is a rather nasty word that suggests one to be dirty and generally unkept.
graine (fem. noun)
penis Definitely not used in a polite conversation.
magasiner (verb)
to shop "Magasiner" derives from "magasin", which means "store". In France, people rather use "faire des courses" or "faire du shopping" but in Quebec, "magasiner" is the correct verb and is widely used.
passer une nuit blanche
have a sleepless night used when somebody can't sleep due to 1- personnal problems 2- a youg baby crying all the night 3- a bad toothache
grosse Corvette, petite quéquette (expression: adj. + noun)
big Corvette, small dick To compensate your anatomy (unfavoured by nature) by material show-off.
chienne (fem. noun)
whore,bitch literal'female of dog' Derogatory term for girl, use it with care !!!
to be drunk. [packtey]
picrelle (fem. noun)
prostitute The English equivalent would probably be closer to 'tramp'.
calisse (noun)
Damn... (Religion) It is better used by saying calisse de crisse de tabarnak d'ostie de ciboire de testament.
gosses (fem. noun)
testicles Literally: seed pods. Just a bit rude, probably should not be used in polite conversation.
idiot, silly fool mildly reprobative: "Té ben niaiseux!"
poutine (noun)
A Quebec-invented food, no translation. Thick french fries mixed together with cheese curd lumps, smothered and melted together in a hot brown gravy. Poutine is considered as a form of "fast food", which has now begun to spread outside Quebec.
Plotte dossée
(Plowte doe-say)Vagina infected with some type of venereal disease This expression is extremely vulgar and should not be used to describe one's health state to a family physician or nurse -- especially at the emergency ward of the hospital.
very bad quality alchool or alchool substitute Used by some homeless people
swing la bacaisse dans l'fond d'la boite à bois
swing the fat lady at the bottom of the wood box often said when you see a big lady in a big party