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Who organized the Quicksilver messenger service

Dino Valenti

How was the Quicksilver messenger service's name chosen?

All of the members were Virgo or Gemini, who ruled by Mercury, and Quicksilver is another name for Mercury. Quicksilver is a messenger of the Gods, and Virgo is a servant.

What was the Quicksilver messenger service's biggest hit?

Fresh air

How did the band, Moby Grape, get their name?

A joke, what is big and purple and lives in the ocean?

What was Moby grapes only song to hit the charts?


Which band would break-up get-back-together, write an album, and then break up again?

Moby grape

Who did the song writing for Moby grape?

All five band members

What type of band was Country Joe and the Fish


How did Country Joe and the Fish form?

Joe began in a string quartet and started a Jug Band

What happened in Massachusetts with Country Joe and the Fish

They were arrested for leading the audience and lewd Behavior

What is Janis Joplin's full name

Janis Lyn Joplin

How is Janis Joplin's childhood

She came from a middle-class family, she was a loner and was laughed at in school. And her teen she developed a taste and blues and folk and poetry and painting

What happened at age 17 for Janis Joplin

She ran away from home and began singing + clubs in Austin and Houston so she could raise money to come to California

What was Janis Joplin doing by 1965

She was singing folk and blues and bars in San Francisco California

What band did Janis Joplin join? Who told her about it,?

Big brother and the holding company, Chet Helms told her about it

What album was produced with big brother and the holding company? What happened a year later

Cheap thrills, it went gold. Then, Janis Joplin left the band to go on her own and created The Cosmic Blues Band

What struggle did Joplin have

Drugs and alcohol

What did Janis Joplin do in 1970?

She created a new band, Full Tilt Boogie band. It produced the album Pearl

What were the details of Janis Joplin's death?

Her body was found on October 4th, 1970 in a hotel room from a heroin overdose. She was 27

How did Jefferson Airplane form

A 1965 Marty Balin purchase a pizza parlor in San Francisco and turn it into a music club called The Matrix and then he met Paul kantner looking for bands to perform there. Then they looks for people to join their band

Who was Jefferson airplane's drummer

Skip Spencer, he had never played the drums before and quit March of 1966 and Spencer Dryden replaced him

When did Jefferson Airplane officially form


When and where did Jefferson Airplane make their first appearance

At the opening of The Matrix August 13th 1965

Who inspired Jefferson Airplane

The Beatles and the Byrds

What type of style was Jefferson Airplane

They developed to a pop oriented electric sound

What happened in October of 1965

The members felt like Bob Harvey was not playing bass up to par so they kicked him out and replaced him by Jack Cassidy

What happened to Jefferson Airplane after they kicked Bob Harvey

They began to improve and got signed to a record label, RCA

What was Jefferson airplane's first single

It's no secret

What album came out first for Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane takes off

What happened to Sydney Anderson? He replaced her? And what was so special about her replacement

She left when she had a baby, and Grace Slick took over. She had good looks stage presence and a powerful voice

What was weird about Jefferson Airplane

Even though they had never performed out of the Bay Area or went on TV they had a gold album and we're very popular

What happened to Jefferson Airplane sound

They were influenced by Jimi Hendrix so they began emphasizing on a harder sound

What was Jefferson Airplane the only band to do

Perform at all three iconic Rock festivals, Woodstock, Monterey Pop, and the Altamont

What happened to Spencer Dryden?

He was dismissed from the group and replaced by Joey Covington

What happened to Grace?

Paul got her pregnant so the group had to stop touring, and in November of 1966 her drinking made her quit the band

What happened in 1984

Paul and Grace created Jefferson Starship and Paul took the name Jefferson from their former band

Who did Bulls against the empire feature? And what award was it nominated for?

Featured Jerry Garcia, David Crosby, and Graham Nash. It was nominated for the Hugo award

What happened when Jefferson airplane's third album came out

After bathing at Baxter's, was their third album, but it had no involvement from Marty.

What was the name of the label Jefferson Airplane created


What was The Grateful Dead's first name and when were they formed

Warlocks, in 1965

Who are the members of the Grateful Dead?

Jerry Garcia - guitar and vocals, Bob Weir - guitar and vocals, pigpen Dash keyboard, Phil Lesh - base, Bill Kreutzmann- drums

What happened with The Grateful Dead's record deals?

In 1966 they were signed with MGM, but their songs weren't that great so in 1967 they signed with Warner Brothers and release their first album, The Grateful Dead

What name did Grateful Dead decide to change their name from warlocks? And how did they come up with their name

Someone already had the name warlocks, so they found their new name looking through dictionary

What was The Grateful Dead's musical styles and what did they concentrate more on

Unique electric style - country, folk, rock, improv, Jazz, Bluegrass, blues, and psychedelic. They concentrated more on live shows rather than studio recording

What was The Grateful Dead's fanbase known as

The deadheads

Where did The Grateful Dead become a house band at

Ken Kesey's acid tests, or a series of LSD parties

Who was Owen Stanley

And LSD chemist

What was one of the Grateful Dead's early performances

The 1967 at the Monterey Rock dance, held at the San Francisco Ballroom

Identify Jerry Garcia

15 years old, who spent nine months in the Army then moved and found a friendship with Zobert Hunter who wrote his lyrics for The Grateful Dead

Where did The Grateful Dead have performances at

Monterey Pop Festival and Woodstock

What happened in 1970 when the Grateful Dead was touring and what song came out of this

They were touring in New Orleans and their hotel got raided on Bourbon Street and they were arrested and 19 people were charged with possession of drugs truck and was written because of this

What happened to Garcia in 1985

In January he was arrested for heroin possession. Within 15 months of drug rehab program in San Francisco he dropped into a near-fatal diabetic coma brought on by drug use for 5 days

What happened in 1989 with the Grateful Dead

In April, 55 people were arrested at one of their shows for drug use and disturbing the peace. And October and college student died from LSD overdose

What happened in 1995 to Garcia

He played his last show at in July and a month later he died in his sleep in a rehab center from a heart attack. 4 months later the group of officially broke up and San Francisco put up the flag at half-mast when Garcia died

What musical style is Carlos Santana

Rock, afro-latin, polyrhythms, and low-key vocals

What did Carlos Santana's father play and what band was he in

Violin, a mariachi band

What instrument does Santana Play? What age?

guitar at the age of eight

What were some of Carlos Santana's influences

BB King and John hooker

Where did Carlos Santana's family move to and what was the name of the band he formed who are the members?

San Francisco, he got a job as a dishwasher and then it formed the Santana blues band with Rod Harper as a drummer and Tom Frazer on guitar

Who was the designated leader of the Santana Blues Band?

Carlos Santana, but he didn't feel comfortable with it but the Musicians Union require there to be a leader and the others elected him

What happened in 1968 to Carlos Santana

They had their debut at Fillmore West and received a standing ovation

What did Carlos Santana do outside of his band

Create an album with Buddy Miles and it went platinum, love devotion and surrender was a hit from it

What spiritual experience did Carlos Santana have

He speaks of an Angel who told him he was supposed to spread positive messages through music to younger listeners

What happened in 1999 for Carlos Santana

His album, Supernatural, one nine Grammys and sold more than 10 million copies in the year and 21 million worldwide

What were the names of the birds went through and what music style where they

Jet Set, beefeaters, then the birds. They were folk rock and Country rock

Who led the Byrds

Rodger McGuinn

What made the Byrds unique

They had high harmonies, ringing guitars, and they had an obsession with Studio technique, they were the example for many rock groups to come

What happened in the summer of 1966? What style did the Byrds go to?

They released a new album which arch their change in style, psychedelic. Eight Miles High was a song from it which was banned many places for it's supposed drug oriented lyrics

What would happen on stage during the Byrds performances

Increasing tension between the band members made them get into fist fights on stage, but they manage to still stay together

What happened to the Byrds in 1968

They split up and went off on their own, but the people who stayed and got new people until their final original member left so then the van was done for good

What style of music was Peter Paul and Mary

One of the most popular acoustic folk groups in the 60s

Peter Paul and Mary were the first group to do what?

Cover one of Bob Dylan songs, Blowin in the Wind

How did Peter Paul and Mary meet?

While they were working at Greenwich Village, they were encouraged by their manager Albert Grossman in 1961, Peter had some success with folks as a solo artist, Paul was a comedian, and Mary had sung in some groups before

Who did Peter Paul and Mary sign with

Warner Brothers

Where were Peter Paul and Mary tour at in sing about

They will go to college campuses and perform at Riley's and sing about whatever was going on at the time

What happened in 1969 with Peter Paul and Mary?

Peter helped organize the March on Washington and walk with dr. Martin Luther King jr.

What song came out in 1963? How did people react to Peter Paul and Mary song

Puff the Magic Dragon was interpreted as a drug song by some people

What happened to Peter Paul and Mary in 1970

The group broke up in an album was released, the best collection, it was the best songs they had wrote and made the top 20, and Peter was convicted of doing Immortal things with a minor, but in 1981 President Carter let him get pardoned

What happened in John Phillips love life

Heaven an active musician in New York in 1962 then married a young lady named Michelle who was a model and then she began to sing with his group, but they got a divorce in 1970 and Michelle met Dennis Hopper making movies and married him for 8 Days afterwards

What was the name of The Mamas & the Papas in the beginning


Where did The Mamas & the Papas begin

Greenwich Village, where they are all from

Who are the members of The Mamas & the Papas and how did the group

Cass Elliot and Denny Doherty were from an old band that broke up then join with John Philip and Michelle grilliam's band

What legal problems did The Mamas & the Papas have after they disbanded? When did they disband

They disbanded in 1968 and the members sued each other for with holding royalties, or songs

What happened to John Philip?

He lived off of $100,000 in royalties, in 1980 he was arrested for drugs and got an 8 year time, but he paid $1,500 to make his time reduced to 30 days

How did John Phillips die?

In 2001 he died of a heart failure

Who was Janet Joplin's backup singers

Big brother and the holding company

What band is known as a Jug band

Country Joe and the Fish

What is Janis Joplin's nickname