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Roles of the teacher in an ARD committee meeting
in most cases, except for brief ARD (this may consist of an administrator, a parent or legal guardian, and one other support staff – special ed teacher, diagnostician, etc.), a general education teacher and a special education teacher must attend and sign off on ARD meetings. Remember, the ARD committee determines students’ IEP, and from the IEP, placement should be determined – never determine placement and then write the IEP to justify the placement.
One question about American Disability Act (ADA) or Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
ADA is intended to provide all persons the same life opportunities as persons without disabilities and where necessary to participate fully in life opportunities, government(s) – like public schools – must provide accommodations for persons qualifying under ADA.
Parents get a divorce – mother request non-custodial parent name be removed from records. What action should the principal take?
All terms of a divorce – that is legal documents impacting children’s custody – must be shared with the principal and principals cannot act solely on the word of another if that other person has been recognized as a legal guardian, or at least, a parent or legitimate step parent in a case. See the TExES tutorial with my Legal Tips – this is on the Electronic Portfolio.
A fight on the bus with a coach driving between two students the parent of the student that was assault wants to know the punishment of the other child who hit her child
absolutely not – sharing such information is a FERPA violation; more importantly, a leader should inform any appropriate parent or faculty member for that matter that “all involved are being addressed following school district policies and procedures, and that is all I am at liberty to share at this time.”
Teacher announces the names of the students who passed TAKS to the entire class. Parents complain about confidentially being broken. What action should be taken?
I am not sure of the choices but remember this is a FERPA violation, principal should visit with the teacher and remind them of the policies of confidentiality and here is another key point – “inform the teacher that FERPA violations can result in the district losing all federal funding.”
Two students killed in an alcohol related accident the principal called an assembly. What is the purpose of the assembly? What is the role of the principal during this crisis?
First and foremost, such assemblies should b e the result of suggested actions under the Campus Emergency Plan; the principal’s role is to maintain the health and safety of the campus and the goal of the assembly would probably be addressing grief issues; but if the choices are should you have an assembly or arrange for grief counselors to meet with individual or small groups of students – the assembly is probably the least effective action to address this crisis.
Parents in a school want to implement metal detectors and dress code because of gang if the gang activities pose a safety issue to all stakeholders.
You do not initiate metal detectors or dress codes because of the demands of some parents. Statements like this usually call for a process answer – “the principal should appoint a committee of appropriate stakeholders – parents, faculty, district security or police to consider gang activities that are posing safety and security issues at the campus.”
Special education students throwing chairs and other things in classroom. What is the principal responsibility? Safety of the student and other students
Immediate action is to remove the students throwing the chairs – principal should have appropriate staff (like teachers and diagnostician, along with administrators) do a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) for the students with special needs to determine if their conduct is related to their disabilities, and if yes, then implement a BIP – a Behavior Intervention Plan to address the problem behavior. But by all means, any student, including special education students, may be removed from the classroom and campus if they are a threat or pose harm to other students and staff. But while they are removed is when you would initiate the FBA and BIP.
Implementing a need technology program and budget gets cut. Would you wait until next year to implement or think of innovative ways?
Remember, this is Green Grass ISD a place where we never say never – be innovative and try to find ways to implement as much of the technology improvements as possible.
Teacher on a committee does not like the at risk students tutoring program. What should you do?
Again, this is Green Grass ISD and all of the questions on the TExES are based on the Effective Schools Research of Larry Lezotte and Ron Edmonds, and followers – the mission of all effective schools are places where all children can and will learn to their highest abilities and with high expectations and support from all stakeholders – and all children truly means all!!! So the principal will need to visit with the teacher to emphasize this mission!
Intruder on campus what is the first step? 1) call 911 and implement district lock down procedures
Or if you have an answer that says “implement emergency or crisis management plan,” that will be your answer because implementation of this plan will probably include lockdowns and calling 911.
A large number of special education students failed TAKS. What to do?
Identify what TEKS/TAKS are being missed and plan professional development, as well as differentiated instruction to address those weaknesses identified in analyzing the TAKS data on the students with special needs. The analysis and professional development may lead to some recommendations regarding giving alternative forms of TAKS, but remember, students with special needs cannot be exempted from TAKS.
Parents upset over new language arts program. What should you do?
First and foremost, always listen to parents, affirm or restate that you understand their concerns, emphasize that the program is designed to best address the state standards, TEKS, and be open to provide opportunities for the parents to review the new curriculum and program, but you never cancel a program due to complaints from some parents as long as the program is in compliance with the state standards.
Hiring a person with disability when can you not hire that person legally?
You can never not hire anyone due to a disability – that would be a violation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEOC) and ADA.
Doors with glass in hallway what to do?
Replace glass doors with metal doors or metal with shatter proof glass.
Maintenance department needs repairs what would you do to advocate for funds
Is this a matter of safety and security? If yes, such repairs should always be a high district priority; if not, then the principal should have policies and procedures in place to try to prioritize repairs in order of most important needs – that is the need to have a high functioning, learner centered safe classrooms and campuses!
A Special Education student misbehaving on a regular school bus. What should you do?
If you see a pattern or have data indicating this misbehavior is causing harm to this student and others, call for a brief ARD and recommend moving the student to a special education bus with additional monitors to secure the safety of this student and others.
Interpreting a parent survey and the data mentioned in the academic area and instructional area. There were two questions about this on the test
I need more information – parent surveys and needs assessments are very important to the campus improvement plan, but parent surveys demanding a change in curriculum cannot happen because principals are mandated to implement and be compliant in following the state mandated curriculum, the TEKS.
Budget cut by $80.000 what do? cut it even across all subject area
or establish a committee to assess each program and determine what programs, if any, may be cut without greatly weakening the academic program of the campus – a committee of such stakeholders should prioritize budget cuts based on needs assessments, including program assessment.
Technology law about using: site license
Again, principals must be compliant with following site license – again go to the legal section on Copyrights, etc. under the TExES Tutorial Jenkins’ Review.
Low reading scores on TAKS in all grade levels. What should the principal do?
Again, comprehensive data analysis to identify what specific Reading TAKS objectives are not being met, and then have a plan of action developed and supported by stakeholders (like the SBDM) to implement and monitor addressing the low scores.
What information is permissible to ask during an interview?
If you go to EDLD 5345, I believe week two or three has some do’s and don’t’s for interviews. I will also forward another HR Preparing for Interviews document that I am using for the on-campus EDLD 5345 course.
Who would you include on a committee about ethnic, legal, copyright, plagiarize? Answer choose include a technology teacher; director of student services
Certainly the technology teacher should be able to help on copyright issues, but the director of student services should know the demographics (ethnic backgrounds) and legal issues involving equal opportunities for all!
Superintendent outlines some new guidelines to help with the budget cut. Teachers complain to the principal about not having small appliance
First and foremost, it is not about teachers and giving them nice appliances – do the small appliances contribute to improve educational and learning environments to help students grow academically and socially. Remember, we are looking for student-centered responses.