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Texas veterinarians shall maintain at their place of business records of all scheduled drugs listed in the ___________ in their possession. These records shall be maintained for a minimum of ____ years.
Texas Controlled Substances Act
5 years
The form for keeping records of controlled drugs shall contain what information in addition to the name of the drug?
1. Date of acquisition
2. Quantity purchased
3. Date administered or dispensed
4. Quantity administered or dispensed
5. Name of client and patient receiving the drug(s)
6. Balance on hand
Only the ________ shall issue official rabies vaccination certificates.
Vaccinating veterinarian
What information must be on rabies certificate (as adopted by the Department of State Health Services)?
1. Owner's name, address and telephone number
2. Animal identification species, sex (including neutered if applicable), approximate age (3 months to 12 months, 12 months or older), size (pounds), predominant breed, and colors
3. Vaccine used product name, manufacturer, and serial number
4. Date vaccinated
5. Date vaccination expires (re-vaccination due date)
6. Rabies tag number if a tag is issued; and
7. Veterinarian's signature, or electronic signature, or signature stamp and license number
Can a non-licensed person use a veterinarian's signature stamp, or electronic signature pad on a vaccination certificate?
Yes, as long as it is under the direct supervision of the vaccinating veterinarian
Can a non-licensed person administer a rabies vaccine?
Yes, as long as the non-licensed person is under the direct supervision of the veterinarian
Each veterinarian that issues a rabies vaccination certificate, or the veterinary practice where the certificate was issued, shall retain a readily retrievable copy of the certificate for a period of not less than _____ years from the date of issuance
5 years
What should a vet due if they find out an animal has bitten a human?
Immediately report the incident to the local health authority
A veterinarian preparing an animal's body for rabies diagnosis shall comply with all requirements of ___________
Submission of Specimens for Laboratory Examination adopted by the Department of State Health Services
A veterinarian who ceases the practice of veterinary medicine shall deliver to the local health authority all ________ issued by the veterinarian within the preceding 5-year period
Duplicate rabies vaccination certificates
A veterinarian who sells or leases his practice to another veterinarian may do what with duplicate rabies certificates?
Transfer the duplicate copies with the records of the records of the practice which are transferred to a new owner
Individual records will be maintained at the veterinarian's place of business, that are complete, contemporaneous and legible and include, but are not limited to what information?
1. Name, address, and phone number of the client
2. Identification of patient, including name, species, breed, age, sex, and description
3. Patient history
4. Dates of visits
5. Any immunization records
6. Weight if required for diagnosis or treatment (weight may be estimated if actual weight is difficult to obtain)
7. Temperature if required for diagnosis or treatment except when treating a herd, flock, a species, or an individual animal that is difficult to obtain a temperature
8. Any laboratory analysis
9. Any diagnostic images or written summary of results if unable to save image
10. Differential diagnosis and/or treatment, if applicable
11. Names, dosages, concentration, and routes of administration of each drug prescribed, administered and/or dispensed
12. Other details necessary to substantiate the examination, diagnosis, and treatment provided, and/or surgical procedure performed
13. Any signed acknowledgment; each entry in the patient record shall identify the veterinarian who performed or supervised the procedure recorded; and
14. Any amendment, supplementation, change, or correction in a patient record not made contemporaneously with the act or observation shall be noted by indicating the time and date of the amendment, supplementation, change or correction, and clearly indicating that there has been an amendment, supplementation, change, or correction
Except as provided under Rabies Control, patient records shall be current and readily available for a minimum of ____ years from the anniversary date of the date of last treatment by the veterinarian
5 years
A veterinarian may destroy medical records that relate to any civil, criminal or administrative proceeding only if ___________
The vet knows the proceeding has been finally resolved
When shall vets retain patient records for a longer length of time imposed herein?
When mandated by other federal or state statute or regulation
Patient records are the responsibility and property of the veterinarian or veterinarians who __________, provided however, the client is entitled to a copy of the patient records pertaining to the client's animals
Own the veterinary practice
What should a vet do with records if he/she discontinues his/her practice?
The vet may transfer ownership of records to another licensed vet or group of vets only if the veterinarian provides notice consistent with the Transfer and Disposal of Patient Records and the vet who assumes ownership of the records shall maintain the records consistent with this chapter
When appropriate, licensees may substitute the words ____, ____ or other collective term in place of the word "patient". Records to be maintained on these animals may be kept in a daily log, or the billing records, provided that the treatment information that is entered is adequate to substantiate the identification of these animals and the medical care provided. In no case does this eliminate the requirement to maintain drug records as specified by state and federal law and Board rules
"Herd", "flock"
Upon the request of the client or their authorized representative, the vet shall furnish a copy of the patient records, including a copy of any radiographs requested, within ____ business days of the request, unless a longer period is reasonably required to duplicate records
15 business days
For purposes of this section, _______ shall include those records as defined of this title (relating to patient record keeping)
"Patient records"
The veterinarian may charge a reasonable fee for the service of releasing patient records. A reasonable fee, shall include only the cost of what things?
1. Copying, including the labor and cost of supplies for copying
2. Postage, when the individual has requested the copy or summary to be mailed; and
3. Preparing a summary of the records when appropriate
Patient records requested pursuant to a proper request for release may not be withheld from the client, the client's authorized agent, or the client's designated recipient for such records based on a _________ for care or treatment previously rendered to the patient
Past due account
When a veterinarian discontinues the provision of veterinary services without the continuation of their practice, he or she is responsible for ensuring that clients are able to do what regarding records?
Clients are able to receive reasonable notification and are given the opportunity to obtain copies of their records or arrange for the transfer of their patient records to another veterinarian
Method of Notification:
When a veterinarian discontinues the provision of veterinary services without the continuation of their practice, he or she shall provide notice to clients of _____________, and will no longer be available to clients, and offer clients the opportunity to obtain a copy of their patient records
When the veterinarian intends to terminate the practice or relocate
Notification of a veterinarian discontinuing a practice shall be accomplished by which to methods?
1. Placing a written notice in the vet's office; and
2. Sending written notification to clients seen in the last 3 years notifying them of discontinuance of practice, or placing a notice in the local newspaper
Voluntary Surrender or Revocation of Vet's License:
1. Veterinarian's who have voluntarily surrendered their licenses in lieu of disciplinary action or have had their licenses revoked by the Board must notify their clients within ____ days of the effective date of the voluntary surrender or revocation
2. Veterinarians who have voluntarily surrendered their licenses in lieu of disciplinary action or have had their licenses revoked by the Board must obtain a ________ for their records to be approved by the Board within 30 days of the effective date of the voluntary surrender or revocation
1. 30 days
2. Custodian
T/F: A veterinarian can dispense prescription medication for humans
T/F: A licensee may render first aid or emergency care to a human if such action is without expectation or compensation in response to an emergency or disaster situation
Licensees shall adhere to the following Department of Public Safety laws concerning security of controlled substances which state the following:
1. Establish adequate security to prevent ________ to controlled substances
2. Establish adequate security to prevent the _______ of controlled substances
3. During the course of business activities, do not allow ___________ except those authorized agents required for efficient operations
4. Controlled substances listed in Schedules _______ shall be stored in a securely locked, substantially constructed cabinet or security cabinet
1. Unauthorized access
2. Diversion
3. Any individual access to controlled substances
4. I, II, III, IV, and V
With regards to controlled substances, the term "substantially constructed cabinet" means the following:
1. A structure of ____ or ______ so constructed as to resist any entry by simple tools of attack such as screw drivers, crow bars, tire tools, pry bars, etc. _______ should NOT be mounted with bolts or screws on outside of door and the locking devices should be installed internally as in a dead bolt type or the device should be of a type that has protected mounting screws or bolts to inhibit removal. The cabinet should be permanently constructed or attached to the ________ or fixtures so as to prevent the cabinet from being physically removed from the premises. If the cabinet is a metal file cabinet type, it should be permanently attached to prevent easy removal and have an external _______ that secures the drawer or drawers.
2. A security cabinet or safe equivalent in construction to a Class ___________ or a Class _________
3. A cabinet less substantially constructed may meet security requirements provided that cabinet is located in a room or area entrance to which has been so constructed that ________ inhibit removal and a limited number of employees have keys or combinations to locking device. If combination locks are utilized, the combination can be changed upon _____________
1. Metal or wood; Hinges; building structure; locking bar
2. Class 6 Mosler Government Sales Security Filing Cabinet or a Class 5 Mosler Government Safe
3. Hinge mountings; termination of employees having knowledge of the combination
All persons that are subject of a Board order shall abide by the terms of the order. The Board may open a complaint against a person who violates a Board order and/or refer the person to the ________ for prosecution under the ____________ and the ______________
Attorney General;
Veterinary Licensing Act;
Administrative Procedure Act
The Board may deny a person's request to renew a license issued under Title 4, Chapter 801 of the Texas Occupations Code if the person has not paid an administrative penalty imposed under Title 4, Chapter 801 of the Texas Occupations Code. This section does not apply if:
1. The person's time to pay or request a hearing has not _____ under Title 4, Chapter 801 of the Texas Occupations Code
2. The person has requested a ______ under Title 4, Chapter 801 of the Texas Occupations Code, but the person's time to pay has not expired under the same statute of Board rules; or
3. The penalty is _________
1. Expired
2. Hearing
3. Stayed
Licensees shall admit a ________, during regular business hours, to inspect equipment and business premises; examine and/or copy client and patient records, drug records, including, but not limited to, invoices, receipts, transfer documents, inventory logs, surgery logs; and all other associated records relating to the practice of veterinary medicine
Representative of the board
Continuing Education:
_____ hours of acceptable CE shall be required annually for renewal of all types of Texas licenses except as provided in the Exemption for CE. Licensees who successfully complete the Texas State Board Licensing Exam shall be allowed to substitute the exam for the CE requirements of the calendar year in which they were examined
17 hours
Continuing Education:
A licensee shall earn the required 17 hours of acceptable CE during the calendar year immediately preceding the licensee's application for license renewal. If a licensee earns more than 17 hours, can these hours carry over to the next year?
Yes, the licensee may carry over and apply the excess hours to the requirement for the next year (but they may carry them over to the following year ONLY; a MAXIMUM of 17 hours may be carried over each year)
Continuing Education:
Hardship extensions may be granted by appeal to the Executive Director of the Board. The executive director shall only consider requests for hardship extension from licensees who were prevented from completing the required CE hours due to ____________.
Circumstances beyond the licensee's control
Continuing Education:
T/F: A hardship extension may be granted if the hardship is due to financial hardship or lack of time due to a busy schedule
False. These are not valid excuses
Continuing Education:
Requests for hardship extension must be received in the Board offices by no later than _________. Should such extension be granted, ______ hours of CE shall be obtained in the 2-year period of time that includes the year of insufficiency and the year of extension. Licensees receiving a hardship extension shall maintain records of the _____ hours of CE obtained and shall file copies of these records with the Board by attaching the records to the license renewal application submitted following the extension year, or by sending them to the Board separately if the licensee submits his or application electronically (on-line)
December 15th;
34 hours;
34 hours
Proof of CE:
The licensee shall sign a statement on the licensee's annual license renewal form attesting to the fact that the required CE hours have been obtained. If the licensee renews his license electronically (on-line), the licensee shall input an affirmation that the required CE hours have been obtained. The licensee shall maintain records which support the signed statement or affirmation. These documents must be maintained for the last ____ complete renewal cycles and shall be available at the _________ for inspection to Board investigators upon request.
Practice location
Proof of CE:
Proof of attendance at _____, on-site courses may require sign-in procedures, course checklists, certificates of course completion and other measures as directed by the Board. For proof of _______ courses, the licensee must provide a certificate from the provider showing the nature of the course, date taken, and the hours given. For proof of _______, the licensee must provide a signed statement showing details, including dates, of the articles or courses read, videos observed, or audios listened to, and hours claimed
Acceptable CE:
CE hours shall be acceptable if they relate to ______ and/or ________
Clinical matters and/or practice management
Acceptable CE hours shall be earned by:
1. Attending meetings sponsored or co-sponsored by the _________, ______'s affiliated state veterinary medical associations and/or their CE organizations, ______ recognized specialty groups, regional veterinary medical associations, local veterinary medical associations, and veterinary medical colleges;
2. Taking _______ courses
3. Participating in verifiable, on-line and video programs or other telecommunication discussions that provide for ________ by the licensee
4. _______, which includes reading articles in professional journals or periodicals, listening to audio tapes or CD's, or viewing video tapes or similar devices that transmit a video image; or
5. Any other methods approved by the _________ and a _________ appointed by the Board President, or approved by the _____________ of the American Association of Veterinary State Boards
1. American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
2. Correspondence
3. Interactive participation
4. Self study
5. Executive Director and a veterinarian Board member; Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE)
The Board shall accept CE hours obtained as a requirement of _________ action
Of the required 17 hours of CE, no more than 5 hours may be derived from either what 2 things?
1. Correspondence courses; or
2. Practice management courses
CE hours claimed for self study shall not exceed ____ hours
3 hours
Hours claimed for interactive, participatory programs shall not exceed ____ hours
10 hours
Notwithstanding the allowable hours provided for correspondence courses, practice management courses, self study hours, or interactive, participatory programs, at least ___ hours must be obtained from personal attendance at live courses, seminars and meetings providing CE
7 hours
Exemption from CE Requirements:
A licensee is not required to obtain or report CE hours, provided that the licensee submits to the Board sufficient proof that during the preceding year the licensee was:
1. In _______ status;
2. A veterinary ______ or ______; or
3. Out-of-country on charitable, military, or special government assignments for at least _____ in a year; or
4. On _____ status. Licensees on this type of status may voluntarily acquire CE for purposes of reinstating his/her license to regular status
1. Retired
2. Intern or resident
3. 9 months
4. Inactive
Make up CE hours:
The Board may required a licensee who does not complete the 17 hours for CE to ________ in later years. Hours required to be made up in a later year are in addition to the 17 hours required to be completed in that year
Make up the missed hours
Failure to complete the required hours without obtaining a hardship extension from the executive director, failure to maintain required records, falsifying records, or intentionally misrepresenting programs for CE credit shall be grounds for ________ by the Board
Disciplinary action
Participating in a CE Program as a Disciplinary Action:
The Board may require a licensee who violates the _________ or the _______ to participate in a program to acquire CE
Veterinary Licensing Act or the Board's Rules
Participating in a CE Program as a Disciplinary Action:
CE hours required under this subsection shall be in addition to the 17 hours required of all licensees, and shall be:
1. Based on the ________ of the violation
2. Relevant to the ___________
1. Seriousness
2. Violation committeed by the license holder
Accepted livestock management practices are those practices involving animals raised or produced primarily for food, fiber, or other products for human consumption and may include what?
1. Branding, tattooing, ear tags or identifying marks of any kind;
2. Tail docking, except cosmetic tail docking that is performed for appearance purposes only;
3. Earmarking;
4. Routine dehorning, except cosmetic dehorning that reshapes or alters the poll area for appearance purposes;
5. Castration;
6. Non-surgical assistance with birthing;
7. Implantation with approved implant products;
8. Administration of a biologic, except where restricted by law to administration by a vet, and not including deworming by use of stomach tubing
8. Artificial insemination;
9. Shoeing and trimming of hooves; and
10. Application or administration of parasiticides, except where restriced by law
A _________ is a person to whom the owner of an animal has given specific authority to care for the animal, and who has not been designated, by using the pretext of being a __________, to circumvent the Veterinary Licensing Act by engaging in any aspect of the practice of veterinary medicine (including alternate therapies)
Designated caretaker
A designated caretaker who treats an animal for a condition that the animal was known or suspected of having prior to the person being named a designated caretaker, is presumed to be attempting to circumvent the __________ unless the designated caretaker is following the instruction of a veterinarian and is under the appropriate level of supervision per board rules. In this situation, the designated caretaker may present evidence to rebut the presumption
Veterinary Licensing Act
__________ are any mammalians, poultry, fowl, fish or other animals that are raised primarily for human food consumption
Food production animals
_______ is a term for any serum, vaccine, antitoxin, or antigen used in the prevention or treatment of disease
_________ is the diagnosis of the physical condition of pregnancy by any method other than the gross visual observation of the animal
Pregnancy testing
Invasive dentistry or invasive dental procedures includes exposing of the _________, or _________
Dental pulp, or performing extractions
The Board shall conduct a ____________ to ensure that licensees comply with the requirements of Chapter 801, Texas Occupations Code (the Veterinary Licensing Act) and the Board's rules
Compliance monitoring program
The Board's compliance monitoring program shall include on-site inspections of __________ and inspections by _______
Veterinary practices;
The compliance monitoring program's on-site inspections shall include, but are not limited, to the following items:
1. Display of _______ and __________
2. Properly posted _______ information
3. Documentation of __________
4. __________
5. _____ record keeping
6. ________ record keeping; and
7. Possession of appropriate controlled substances _________ and _________
1. License and current renewal certificate
2. Consumer information
3. CE hours
4. Sanitation
5. Patient
6. Controlled substance
7. Registrations and certificates
The Board's compliance monitoring program's inspections by mail shall request a veterinarian to provide the following non-exclusive items:
1. Proof of _______
2. Copies of controlled substances ______ and _______
3. Copies of _____ medical records concerning the diagnosis and treatment of a patient
4. Copy of the last page of the veterinarian's controlled substance ________ for each controlled substance possessed by the veterinarian; and
5. A statement verifying that the licensee is in compliance with Board rules concerning _________, ___________, ___________, and _______________
1. CE hours
2. Registrations and certificates
3. Four
4. Log book
5. Consumer information, maintenance of sanitary premises, display of license and degrees, and notification of licensee addresses
After an inspection, licensees will normally be given ____ days to correct deficiencies and provide written documentation and corrections. If no timely response is received within that time period, the inspection process will become an _______ and the Board will follow the formal investigative procedure
30 days;
After initial inspection, if the licensee does not make required corrections to noted deficiencies, investigators may recommend to the __________ to open an investigation within the spirit and intent of the program
Director of enforcement
When a deficiency involves flagrant disregard of the law, including illegal practices; improper use of prescription drugs; failure to account for drugs dispensed or administered; failure to comply with controlled substance registration requirements, CE requirements, and sanitation; and drug diversion and/or abuse, the ___________ shall be terminated and the _________ will open an investigation and the violations will be referred to the ____________ as a complaint
Compliance inspection;
Director of enforcement
When in a subsequent inspection a licensee is found to have failed to correct those deficiencies noted in the prior inspection, the investigator will advise the _________ and the ______ that the licensee has continued to violate the Veterinary Licensing Act and/or Board rules
Director of enforcement and the licensee
The Board may, on an unannounced basis, inspect licensees who have been ordered to perform certain acts as a result of a previous inspection to verify that the licensees performed the required acts. If the licensee is found to have refused or failed to comply with the Board order, what will the investigator do?
Prepare a report documenting the failure to comply and the report will be submitted to the Board for appropriate disciplinary action
Conditions Relative to License Suspension:
Licensees shall not ______ nor _________ during the time of suspension. The board may provide a notice of the board's order of suspension for the licensee to post in the reception area or other place clearly visible to the public
Practice nor give the appearance that they are practicing
Conditions Relative to License Suspension:
Licensees shall not _______ other veterinarians, nor _______, encourage, or allow any employee(s) who are NOT licensed to practice vet medicine in Texas, to perform duties described as the practice of vet medicine in the Veterinary Licensing Act, the Rules of Professional Conduct, and other policies of the board
Conditions Relative to License Suspension:
During the period of downtime, licensees shall notify all present and prospective employers of the board order, including the terms, conditions, and restrictions imposed. Within ____ days of the effective date of the order and within ____ days of undertaking new employment, licensees shall cause their employers to provide written acknowledgment to the board that they have read and understand the terms and conditions of the board order
30 days;
15 days
Conditions Relative to License Suspension:
Licensees shall notify all veterinarians and veterinary technician employees in the clinic, hospital, or practice of the board order and, within ____ days of the effective date of the order, licensees shall acknowledge to the board in writing that this has been done
30 days
Conditions Relative to License Suspension:
A sole practitioner's clinic or hospital facilities may be used by the disciplined licensee for ________ only. Examples are opening mail, referring patients, accepting payments on accounts, and general office tasks. In these instances, he/she must exercise EXTREME caution to not be persuaded, coerced, or otherwise drawn by anyone to practicing or even giving the appearance of practicing vet medicine. The licensee may _____ the clinic/practice to, or _____, another veterinarian to continue the clinic business during suspension
Administrative purposes;
Conditions Relative to License Suspension:
A disciplined licensee who owns/operates a clinic and employs associate veterinarians may enter the clinic or hospital for _________ purposes only
Conditions Relative to License Suspension:
Licensee shall abide by the board's _____ and ________ to all laws, rules, and regulations governing the practice of veterinary medicine in Texas
Conditions Relative to License Suspension:
If the board receives information alleging that the licensee is practicing veterinary medicine during the period of suspension (downtime), what will happen?
The board staff will initiate an investigation and if there is evidence to support the allegation, the licensee will be subject to further disciplinary action
A licensed veterinarian or an applicant for a license from the board shall report to the board no later than the ____ day after any arrest for, or a conviction for, any misdemeanor related to the practice of veterinary medicine, or any arrest for or a conviction for a felony
On a finding by the board that a licensee has engaged in non-drug related criminal conduct or committed a non-drug related felony or misdemeanor, other than a misdemeanor under the Uniform Act Regulating Traffic or Highways, Texas Civil Statutes, or a similar misdemeanor traffic offense, the executive director shall notify the ______ or _______ of the county in which the licensee resides. The notice must be ________ and contain a copy of the board's finding and any order of the board relating to the licensee's conduct
District attorney or county attorney;
In writing
On a finding by the board that a licensee has engaged in drug related criminal conduct or committed a drug related felony or misdemeanor, the executive director shall notify the _________, __________ and/or the ____________. The notice must be in writing and contain a copy of the board's finding and any order of the board relating to the licensee's conduct
Narcotics Service, Texas Department of Public Safety and/or the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
Requirements for operation. Vets operating temporary limited service clinics shall:
1. Maintain ______ at the clinic site, including, but not limited to, removal of animal solid waste and sanitizing/disinfecting of urine and solid waste sites;
2. Provide injections with ________ and ________
3. Utilize a ________ table for examining and/or injecting small animals;
4. Maintain biologics and injectable medications between temperature ranges of ____ to _____ degrees F;
5. Perform and complete _____ and ______ before dispensing relevant federal legend medications;
6. Maintain rabies vaccination records for _____ years and treatment records for _____ years, indexed alphabetically by the client's last name and by vaccination tag numbers, if issued; and
7. Provide clients wit ha printed form that contains the ________ and ________ where the records are to be maintained
1. Sanitary conditions
2. Sterile disposal needles and syringes
3. Non-porous
4. 35-45 degrees F
5. Blood and fecal
6. 5 years; 3 years
7. Identity of the administering vet and the address of the places
Before any temporary limited-service clinic may be operated, the licensee is required to provide notification to the board office at least ____ hours before the clinic begins operation. What must the notice include? How can the notice be made?
48 hours;
Notice must include:
1. Licensee's full name
2. Specific location of where the clinic will be held
3. Times of operation
Notice may be by:
1. Telephone call
2. Facsimile electronic transmission
3. Mail (mailed notice will be considered to have met the notification requirement if the written notice is postmarked at least 5 days prior to the operation of the clinic)
A _______ or ___________ may employ or contract with a licensee to provide veterinary services in connection with sheltering, sterilization, vaccination, or other medical care and treatment of animals
Nonprofit or municipal corporation
T/F: Employment by or contractual service to a nonprofit or municipal corporation exempts the licensee form any of the provisions of the Veterinary Licensing Act or the Board's rules
Licensees employed by, or contracted to, nonprofit or municipal corporations shall be liable for any violations of the Act or rules occurring as a result of the practice of veterinary medicine or any veterinary services provided by the nonprofit or municipal corporation, including those occurring due to the acts or omissions of __________ of, or _________ for, the nonprofit or municipal corporation
Non-licensed employees of, or volunteers for
Animal Reproduction:
The Board considers the following activities the practice of veterinary medicine as defined in the Veterinary Licensing Act:
1. _________ of the reproductive tract of an animal, including ______ and _______ unless performed under the direct supervision of a veterinarian;
2. Obtaining, possessing or administering ______ or _______ for use in an animal without a valid prescription from a licensed vet or in a properly labeled container dispensed by a licensed vet; and
3. A ________, which is defined as the assessment of an animal by a vet to determine the animal's ability or potential for reproduction, and includes, but is not limited to, diagnosis by rectal palpation or reproduction structures, ultrasonography, semen collection and microscopic examination, serum/blood chemistry analysis, cytology, and biopsy of tissue
1. Surgical invasion; laparoscopy and needle entry
2. Prescription or legend drugs
3. Breeding soundness exam
Animal Reproduction:
The activities described in this section do NOT affect those activities exempted from coverage of the __________
Veterinary Licensing Act
Management Services Organizations in Vet Practice, Definitions:
What is the ability to order or dictate the delivery or the manner of delivery of any services or tasks?
Management Services Organizations in Vet Practice, Definitions:
The definition of "Control" includes consulting with another person regarding a service or task, or assisting in the performance of a service or task
No, that is not part of the definition
Management Services Organizations in Vet Practice, Definitions:
What term means directly altering the practice of veterinary medicine?
Management Services Organizations in Vet Practice, Definitions:
What are some examples of things that would not constitute "intervention"?
Recommending or providing a service or supply or performing management services
Management Services Organizations in Vet Practice, Definitions:
What term means those services and activities relating to the operation of a veterinary practice exclusive of the practice of veterinary medicine?
Management services
Management Services Organizations in Vet Practice, Definitions:
What term means a person or entity that provides management services?
Management services organization
Management Services Organizations in Vet Practice, Definitions:
What term describes persons under the direct or general supervision, as defined by the Veterinary Licensing Act, of a veterinarian who perform duties directly related to the practice of veterinary medicine?
Veterinary medical personnel
A veterinarian or group of veterinarians, whether or not incorporated, may contract with a __________ to provide management services
Management services corporation
A management services organization shall not control or intervene in a veterinarian's practice of veterinary medicine. Prohibited activities by a management services organization, whether or not authorized by contract, include but are not limited to:
1. ________ a veterinarian to practice veterinary medicine;
2. Determining the _______ of a veterinarian for the practice of vet medicine;
3. _______ or _______ in a veterinarian's diagnosis, treatment, correction, change, manipulation, relief, or prevention of animal disease, deformity, defect, injury or other physical condition, including the prescription or administration of a drug, biologic, anesthetic, apparatus, or other therapeutic or diagnostic substance or technique;
4. ________ or _________ in a vet's selection or use of type or quality of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to be used in the practice of vet medicine
5. Determining the ________ a veterinarian may spend with a patient;
6. Owning ______, unless the _____ are owned in compliance with applicable Texas or federal law;
1. Employing
2. Compensation
3. Controlling or intervening
4. Controlling or intervening
5. Amount of time
6. Drugs
A management services organization shall not control or intervene in a veterinarian's practice of veterinary medicine. Prohibited activities by a management services organization, whether or not authorized by contract, include but are not limited to:
7. Owning and controlling the ______ of patients of the veterinarian;
8. Determining the _________ by the vet for the veterinarian's practice of vet medicine;
9. Mandating compliance with specific ________, ______ or _______ relating to the practice of vet medicine;
10. Placing limitations or conditions upon ________ that are clinical in nature with the veterinarian's clients;
11. Requiring a veterinarian to make ______ in violation of Texas Occupation Code; or
12. _______ a vet for reporting violations of a law regulating the practice of veterinary medicine
7. Records
8.Fees to be charged
9. Professional standards, protocols or practice guidelines
10. Communications
11. Referrals
12. Penalizing
______, and _______ in which the veterinarians are the sole owner, shareholders or partners, are not prohibited from performing the activities set out in subsection (c)(1)-(10) of this section
Veterinarians and entities
Permitted activities by a management services organization include but are not limited to:
1. Providing a lease, ownership or other arrangement:
(A) the ______ used by the vet in the practice of vet medicine
(B) the _____, _____ and ______ sued by the vet in the practice of vet medicine; and
(C) the ______, _____ and similar _______ used by the vet
(A) Facility
(B) Medical equipment, instruments and supplies
(C) Business, office and similar non-medical equipment
Permitted activities by a management services organization include but are not limited to:
2. Providing for the repair, maintenance, renovation, replacement or otherwise of any _____ or ______ used by the veterinarian in the practice of vet medicine;
3. Providing ______ services to the veterinarian;
4. Providing _____ and ______ systems and services for the vet so long as any patient records in these systems are clearly owned and freely accessed by the vet;
5. Providing the services of ______ and ______ of the vet's fees and charges;
6. Arranging for the collection or sale of the vet's ________;
7. Providing _____, _____ and _______ in compliance with 573.30-573.37 of these rules pertaining to the practice of vet medicine;
8. Providing ______, _____ and similar services for the vet;
2. Facility or equipment
3. Financial services (accounting, financial, payroll, bookkeeping, budget, investment, tax compliance, or similar)
4. Information and information
5. Billing and collection
6. Accounts receivable
7. Advertising, marketing and public relations services
8. Contract negotiation, drafting
Permitted activities by a management services organization include but are not limited to:
9. Providing ______, _____, ______ and similar coordination services for the vet;
10. Obtaining all ______ and ______ necessary to operate a practice of veterinary medicine that may be obtained by a non-veterinarian, and assisting vets in obtaining ____ and _____ necessary to operate a practice of veterinary medicine that may be obtained only by a vet, provided that the Executive Director of the Board approves the method of payment for veterinary license renewals paid by the management services organization;
11. Assisting in the _____, ______, _______ and legal and logistical _______ for the vet;
12. Providing ______, purchasing and claims services for the veterinarian, and including the veterinarian and veterinary medical personnel on the same ______ and benefit plans as the management services organization;
13. Providing ______, ______ and _________ planning and business practice and other advice;
9. Receptionist, scheduling, messaging
10. Licenses and permits; licenses and permits
11. Recruiting, CE, training, and legal and logistical peer review
12. Insurance; insurance
13. Consulting, business and financial planning
Permitted activities by a management services organization include but are not limited to:
14. Establishing the ____ to be charged to the veterinary client for the goods and supplies provided or managed by the management services organizations;
15. Employing and controlling persons who:
(A) Perform _______; or
(B) Are veterinarians employed by a _________ to perform management services but not the practice of vet medicine; or
(C) Perform ________, _______, ______, _______, ________, _______, ________, ______, ______, ______, _____, ______ and other functions
(A) Management services;
(B)Management services organization;
(C) Management, administrative, clerical, receptionist, secretarial, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, billing, collection, boarding, cleaning and other functions
Permitted activities by a management services organization include but are not limited to:
16. Employing veterinary medical and other personnel, if a vet present at the practice location who is in charge of veterinary medicine for that practice location at which the veterinary medical and other personnel work has the right to:
(A) Control the _______ procedures, duties, and performance of the veterinary medical and other personnel; and
(B) ______ for medically related reasons the veterinary medical and other personnel unless the suspension is contrary to law, regulation or other legal requirements
(A) Medically related
(B) Suspend
A veterinarian or a group of veterinarians that contract with a management services organization shall:
(A) Make available for inspection by the Board at the main office of the veterinarian or group of veterinarians, pursuant to 573.66 of these rules, _______ with the management services organizations; and
(B) If the Board opens an _______ against a vet or group of vets, make available to the Board copies of the contracts with the management services organizations
(A) Copies of the contracts
(B) Investigation
Copies of contracts produced under this subsection (Management Services Organizations in Veterinary Practice) shall be governed by the ___________
Veterinary Licensing Act
A veterinarian shall:
1. Cooperate fully with any Board ________ or ________; and
2. Respond within _____ days of receipt to requests for information regarding complaints and other requests for information from the Board
1. Inspection or investigation
2. 21 days
Exceptions to rule #2 (previous slide) include:
1. The Board in contacting the vet imposes a different ______; or
2. The vet is unable for ______ to meet the response date and requests a different response date
1. Response date
2. Good cause
Notification of Licensee Addresses:
Each vet shall report to the Board the veterinarian's:
1. Name and license number;
2. Clinic or practice name;
3. Physical business address;
4. Mailing address; and
5. Residence address
Notification of Licensee Addresses:
A mailing address may be a _______. If a remote practice location does not have a physical business address, the vet must provide as the physical business address ___________
Post office box number;
Sufficient directions as to how the practice location may be found
Notification of Licensee Addresses:
A ________ shall not be required to provide a clinic or practice name or a physical business address unless the _______ regularly conducts the largest percentage of his or her relief work at one clinic
Relief veterinarian
Notification of Licensee Addresses:
A veterinarian who conducts a ______ with no fixed clinic location shall not be required to provide a physical business address
Mobile practice
Notification of Licensee Addresses:
A veterinarian shall notify the Board of any change of items required under subsection (a) not later than the _____ day after the change takes place
Sterilization of Animals from Releasing Agencies, Definitions:
This term refers to a public or private animal pound, shelter, or humane organization. This term does NOT include an individual who occasionally renders humane assistance or shelter in the individual's home to a dog or cat
Releasing agency
Sterilization of Animals from Releasing Agencies, Definitions:
This term refers to a dog or cat
Sterilization of Animals from Releasing Agencies, Definitions:
This term refers to a transponder that is placed under an animal's skin by an injector and can be read by a _____ scanner
Sterilization of Animals from Releasing Agencies:
This term means a permanent etching formed by injecting ink into the basal layer of the epidermis of an animal
A new owner of an animal released from a releasing agency must have the animal _______ in accordance with the Health & Safety Code
An animal sterilized under this section (Sterilization of Animals from Releasing Agencies) must be identified by a ______ and/or a _____ indicating that it has been sterilized
Microchip and/or a tattoo
A new owner of an animal with a microchip shall be responsible for providing information to the _______ of the microchip manufacturer indicating that the animal has been sterilized
Data base registry
A tattoo must:
1. Be placed on the inside of the animal's ____________ or on the __________;
2. Be imprinted with ink that is manufactured in the __________;
3. Meet the standards of the federal ___________ for tattooing;
4. Be of a ________ to the predominant color of the skin in which it is tattooed; and
5. Consist of the universal symbol for _____ or _______ overlain by a slash through the circle to indicate sterilization
1. Thigh near the abdomen or on the caudal-ventral abdomen
2. United States
3. Food and Drug Administration for tattooing
4. Contrasting color
5. Male or female
A licensee who has defaulted on a student loan or breached a student loan repayment contract by failing to perform his or her service obligation under the contract, or any other agreement between the licensee and the administering entity, relating to payment of a student loan may be subject to _______ by the board
Disciplinary action
A licensee, who has a final order under Chapter 232 of the Texas Family Code suspending the the license for failure to pay _______ and/or where the Office of the Attorney General has notified the board to not renew the license for failure to pay ______, may be subject to disciplinary action by the board