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How do govs get more money

Increase tax revenue

Tax base

Item or activity to be taxed.

Broad based tax

Tax designed to he paid by a large number of taxpayers.

Regulatory taxes

Sin taxes. Gov trying to control behavior on cigarettes and liquor.

Benefits received tax

Person who receives larger portion of service pays larger amount of tax

What is tax shifting

Tax business pays is passed into consumers through prices.

Supply side economics. What two types of taxes? Who wants what ? Why

Rich want regressive. Low class wants progressive. Regressive easier to hide more difficult to cheat.

16th amend . Who taxes what?

Fed gov taxes Corp and personal income

What is the practice of logrolling

Exchanging favors. Especially in politics by reciprocating voting for each others proposed legislation.

Ad valorem tax.

A tax assessed according to value, such as the tax on real property and personal property.


Being pushed from one level of gov to the lower one.

Who has ability to levy taxes

Legislative branch.

What president began block grants.


What are appropriations

Gov transferring money to who ever

What did the Gilmer Aikin law est

Texas Education Agency

How many members on state board of education

15 elected members.

What is the difference between progressive and regressive tax rates

Progressive, As ability to pay more increases, tax rates increase. Regressive, consumption tax hits middle class harder

What is the difference between categorical block grants and block grants

Categorical must be used for certain thing and non categorical can be used for different purposes

What is the difference between general obligation bond and a revenue bond.

Revenue bond, stadium example. General obligation bond, payed through taxation

2nd most costly category of state spending

Health and human services.

How much of the states budget is spent on Medicaid program

1 / 5

3rd biggest state expense

Hwy program

How can discretionary funds be spent

Can be spent as you wish

How long did Dems control Texas

From statehood until the 1900s

Who comprised the state party elite in early 1900s

Conservative dems


Voted dem in state elections. Rep in national elections.

Rise of Republican party. Who wins first governor seat in Texas since ej davis

Bill Clements

What year do reps win every statewide election


What happens in a precinct convention

Resolutions for a county are adopted

Delegates for the county are elected.

Attendance is minimal

When is state convention held

Biannually in June

What do they do in state conventions

Elect state party wide officers

Members of state executive committee

Adopt a party platform

Elect party noms for the national convention

Select presidential electors

How many electoral votes for Texas

36 house members 2 senators.


Support free market unvetted by gov

Support gov action to preserve proper moral values

Oppose reditro of wealth


Support hands off philosophy

Gov exists only to maintain general welfare


Gov should

Regulate economy

Protect disadvantaged

Uphold and protect civil rights and civil liberties

Promote equality

Conservatives are most likely to vote

Conservatives are most likely to vote

Purpose of political parties

Bring people together to achieve control of government. Organize and persuade voters.


A block of conservative Christian's who are concerned with family, religion, abortion, gay rights, often Republicans

Permanent party

Leads the party and provides continuity between elections

State level organization

64 member executive committee

Determines site for the next convention. Produces and dissemintes press releases.

County executive commitee

Determines voting places

Appoints election judges

Rents voting machines

Certified official noms

County level

Presides over county exec committee. .

Who is prohibited from voting

Mentally incompetent.

Felons not pardoned

How to register to vote

In person or by mail at any time up to 30 days before the election. .

Reasons for low voter turnout

Long residence requirement. 1 year.

Property ownership

What are primaries

Devices for selecting political party noms

Who must hold a primary

Parties receiving 20 percent of gubernatorial vote

Us senator fee to file for ballot


Us rep ballot fee


State senator fee


Since 71 , who have primaries been funded by

State treasury

When is super Tuesday in Texas

On 2nd Tue of March

How many votes needed to


Is Turnout in primaries lower or higher than general elections?

Much lower

When does a runoff occur

If no single candidate receives majority of votes

When does runoff occur

2nd Tuesday in april

2 types of primaries

Open closed

Closed primary

Must be registered as one of the parties

Open primary

Can vote for any party don't have to register

What is a special election

Called by a governor to fill a judicial or legislative vacancy

Is Texas open or closed


While are general elections administered by

State and county govs

When are general elections held

On 1st Tuesday after first Monday in Nov on even numbered years of non presidential election years.

What role does the Secretary of state play in elections

Chief elections officer

Who arranges polling places

Board of elections

What do count commissions courts do

Draw districts, appoint election judges and voting devices

Two types of ballots

Party column. Office block