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What year was the rate changed to Cs

Jan 2004

I was 4

What does NavSup stand for

Naval supply systems command

Who supports NavSup food service code 51


Who assist ships and ashore activities in raising the quality and standards of food service


Navy food management team

Who is responsible for overall administration of the general mess

Commanding officer

What 2 people sign the pledge of service

Food service officer and the commanding officer

Who advises the FSO the estimated number of personnel to feed

Executive officer

Who performs fitness for humans consumption inspections at subsistence at receipts

Medical representatives

How often does the designated medical representative inspect food service spaces?


Who issues instruction which set food service safety precautions sanitary regulations and equipment operating instructions?

Supply officer

Who is financially accountable for all general mess operations

Food service officer

Who musters FSA daily and inspects them ?



What two people must be designed in writing ?

Supply officer

Bulk store custodian

Who carries out the daily routine of work in the galley

Galley watch captain

Who samples all food during production

Galley watch captain

Who is assigned to the general mess/ CPO MESS/WARDROOM galleys

Cook on watch

Who may act as receipt inspector when receiving subsistence items

Bulk store room custodian.

How many different type of officer messes are there and what are they

3 officer messes

Flags mess

C/O mess


Who supervises the operation of wardroom mess

President of the mess

Who assist the culinary specialist in providing services

Mess caterer

What are the 2 basic types of meal styles ?

Formal and informal

What is formal service ?

Fine china , eye appeal,detailed prep.

Types of informal style meal service


A La carta



Which fork has 4 short tines

Salad fork

If shrimp cocktail is to be served in a sherbet cup, which plate is the cup placed on

Deserts and salad plate

What plate can be used as an underliner for soup

Breakfast and soup plate

What are the four standard dinning table center items



Salt & pepper shakers

Coffee creamer

How far is the salt and pepper shakers filled


What is the maximum number of utensils on a single cover


Plate setting should not exceed how many inches ?


When using a convection oven reduce the temperature on the recipe care by how much?

50 degrees

What are the 4 modes of a combo oven ?


hot air

steam + hot air

cool down

The electric griddle consist of cooking surfaces ranging from sizes up to ....

34 inches deep and 72 inches wide

Each thermostat dial knob controls......

9 to 12 inches of cooking surfaces

What is the water temperature on the steam table ?

180 - 200 degrees

Coffee should be used within__ and held on longer that__ hour at ___ degrees

30 mins

1 hour

185 degrees

What kind of water is used in the steam jacked kettle?


The tilting skillet can be tilted how many degrees?

90 degrees

The vegetables cutter is often called what?

Buffalo Machine

When melting solid shortening , set the thermostat on the deep day fryer to what temperature? What

200 degrees

What mixing machine attachment is used for lightweight mixing ?

Balloon beater

What mixing machine attachment is used for sweet dough? Do

Sweet dough beater

You should not fill the mixing bowl how full ?


How long should you slow the bread toaster to preheat ? What

15 minutes

What is the temperature range for the reach in refrigerator?what is thr

32-41 degrees

What are the 4 stages of dishwashing machine and what are the temperatures?

Prewash: 110 -120 degrees

Wash: 150-160 degrees

Rinse: 160- 180 degrees

Final rinse: 180- 194 degrees

What are the 3 stages of manual dishwashing and what’s are the temperature?

Wash: no less than 110 degrees

Rinse: no less than 120 degrees

Sanitize: 171 degrees for 30 sec

What’s cutting board would you use to cut squash?