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what term is fro a top predator that contributes to the maintenance of specie diversity among it's prey
keystone species
what are the most important factors that effect the distribution of biomes
daylength and rainfall
the main decomposers oin an ecosystem are
fungi and prokaryotes
humn use of prokarotic organisms to help detoxify a polluted wetland would be an example of
two poisonous frogs with similar color patterns are what tpe of mimicry
Mullerian mimicry
animals that help other animals of the same species are expected?
to genectically related to the other animals
the minimum an ecosystem need to recycle nutrients is?
producers and decomposers
aquatic primary productivity is limited often by?
light and nutrients
in what community would organisms most likely have adaptations enabling them to respond to different photoperiods?
temperate forest
behavior can be modified by learning, but some apparent learning is due to maturation.

is this a correct statement?
this is not a correct statement.
does optimal foraging involve maximizing the population size of foraging?
i does not involve maximizing the population
what was the first major event that increase the size of the human population?
the advent of agriculture
unifrom spacing patterns are most often associated with?
the random distribution of seeds
distrubances to ecological communities are related to what? and can cause what?
are frequently related to humans.
can remove organisms and alters resource availibity.

Also can create vacated ecological niches that other species can colonize
sow bugs become mofe aciive in dry areas and less active in humid areas. this is an example of?
slght variations in niche allow similar species to coexist, is an example of what?
Resource partitioning
wildlife movemet of corridors can
promote disease transmission
what causes Earth's seasons
the tilt of the Earth's axis
what was caused by excessive nutrient input into lakes?
what caused excessively high levels of DDT in fish-eating birds.
biological magnification
which is not a property of life
-evolutionary adaptations
-energy processing
-responding to the anvironment
-growth and reproduction
which of these biome have the shortest growing seasons
-temperate broadleaf forest
-temperate grassland
- tropical rain forest
- taiga
the savanna
these three statments desribe what?
-they are highly stereotyped, instinctive patterns
-they are triggered by sign stimulus
- an innnapropriate stimulus can sometimes trigger them
fixed action patterns (FAP)
learning in which an associated stimulus may be used to elicit the same behavioral response as the orginal sign stimulus is called?
classical conditioning
according to the competitive exclusion principle, two species can not occupy th same?
what is the successional event in which one organism makes the environment more suitable for another organism?
what is the fundamental difference between matter and energy
energy is cycled through ecosystems; matter is not.