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Probe and grooved director

Harmonic scalpel

Very popular


Brown-Adson forceps

Ferris-Smith forceps

Combo of bonney and adson

Russian forcep

Pennington forceps

Mrs. Keith's Favorite

Magill catheter forcep


Probe and grooved director

Cerebellar retractor

Very unique, think of shape of head

Beckmann Retractor

Hinges in shank

Joseph skin hook or skin hook

Guthrie double skin hook

Israel retractor

Major tray

Deaver retractor

Looks like a beavers tail

Harrington retractor

Sweetheart retractor

EEA stapler

End to end anastomosis

Skin stapler

Only for skin!!

Linear cutter or linear stapler

SSA general surgery

Contour curved cutter

Staples and cuts at the same time

Laparscopic camera

2 pieces

Diagnostic scope

0°=looking straight ahead

Verres needle

Very common. Very tiny. How we get CO2 in abdominal cavity

Hasson trochar

Can be disposal

L hook cautery

Can be c shaped or L shaped

Well leg holder

Holds the "good" leg

Pneumatic tourniquet

Uses air pressure

Esmarch bandage

Bean bag positioner or vac pac

Mayfield back table

Only back table that adjusts

Top=Kerlix dressing

Bottom= Kling dressing

Kerlix is loosely woven, Kling is nonwoven

Coban dressing

Webril dressing

Web like

Type=incise drape

Brand= Biodrape

Yellowish is Ioban drape, impregnated with iodine and antimicrobial

Mixter, Gemini or right angle clamp

Doyen intestinal forcep

Allen intestinal forcep

#4 knife handle

Blade 20

#7 knife handle

Blade 11 and 15

Knife blades

Knife blade handles

Gigli saw handles

Balfour retractor

Bookwalter system or retractor