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A region in a blood vessel has prothrombinase in it. Which stage of hemostasis is taking place?
the third stage
Which chemicals exist only when the blood coagulation process is occurring?
activated factor XII, thrombin, fibrin
In what type of blood will you find no antibodies against A or B or Rh antigen?
In what type of blood could you find antibodies against the B antigen and the Rh antigen, but no antibodies against the A antigen?

A father with type AB++ blood has a child with a mother whose blood type is A- and the child has a blood type of B-

What blood type alleles and Rh factor alleles does the father have? What blood type alleles and Rh factor alleles does the mother have?

Father: AB alleles; +- alleles

Mother: AO alleles; -- alleles

Identify structures of heart

a) superior vena cava

b) pulmonary semilunar valve

c) right atrium

d) right atrioventricular canal

e) tricuspid valve

f) chordae tendineae

g) right ventricle

h) aorta

i) left atrium

j) aortic semilunar valve

k) left atrioventricular canal

l) bicuspid valve

m) left ventricle

During ventricular systole are the atria contracted or relaxed? Are the ventricles contracted or relaxed? For each valve, is it open or closed?
relaxed. contracted. atrioventricular valves - closed, semilunar valves - open.
Fill in the blanks with structures from diagram 15. or "oxygenated" and "deoxygenated"

a) oxygenated

b) deoxygenated

c) right atrium

d) right atrioventricular canal

e) right atrioventricular valve

f) right ventricle

g) pulmonary semilunar valve

h) oxygenated

i) left atrium

j) left atrioventricular canal

k) left atrioventricular valve

l) left ventricle

m) aortic semilunar valve