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How closely a measurement reflects the actual value it precision


Science put to use is __________.


All ____________digits are significant


A system of ______________ is a collection of compatible, related units that can be used to measure quantities.


Another name for the F.P.S. system is the __________ system

U.S. customary

The prefix that means "one thousandth"


What is the metric unit of capacity?


Write the number 3843 in scientific notation.

3.843 x 10³

Perform the following calculation,stating the answer in proper significant figures: (2.03 + 1.971) / 2.0 =_____________


The amount of matter in an object is its _________?


The amount of space matter takes up is_________?


The number 320,000,000 is written in scientific notation as _________.

3.2 x 10⁸

The absolute temperature scale uses units of __________.


A kilometer is equal to ________.

1000 m

How closely a measurement reflects the actual value is called __________?


A specific measure to which other measures are compared to ensure uniformity is called a _________ of measure.


A verified theory that has stood the test of time is called (n)__________.

scientific law

A tentative explanation or unproven idea is a (n) __________.


Using proper significant figures, 5.8 x 6.30 =


Any property that can be determined without changing the type of matter is a _________


The technique of converting units that uses cancellation of conversation factors is _________.

dimensional analysis

The ratio of the density of a substances to the ________.

specific gravity

The substance of the physical world is called ________.


The systematic study of God's physical creation and how it works is __________ science


The "language of science" is _________.


Science put to use is __________


A collection of compatible, related units that can be used to measure various quantities is a (n)________.

system of measurement

The ability to do work is _________?


What type of change alters matters?

chemical (change)

What principle states that the universe is lawful, orderly, and operates according to physical laws?

(principle of ) causality

What is a set of symbols summarizing a mathematical relationship between quantities?


What is the study of interactions between matter and energy?


What is an artificial situation that a scientist creates to test a hypothesis?


What is an indirect measurement of an object's thermal energy?


What term refers to any push or pull?


What is the universally accepted system of measurement used for scientific and technical purposes?


Three methods of measuring volume?

direct measurement

fluid displacement
geometric formulas

Which state of matter has a definite volume and shape?


Which common state of matter has no definite volume and can flow?


What is the tendency of matter to stay at rest or to continue moving?


How many significant figures are in the number 0.001560


What temperature scale do most nations use?

Celsius scale

Two Biblical reasons to study science?

  • to use scientific knowledge for a man's benefit
  • to glorify God

What is the freezing point of water on the Kelvin scale?

273.15 K

What term refers to a logic error in which a conclusion is not a logical consequence of the evidence it is based on?

non sequitur

What is a "shortcut" used in writing extremely large or small numbers?

scientific notation

Name the six steps of the scientific method.

Convert 76 F to degrees Celsius. Round the answer t the nearest degree and use proper units.

know how to figure that.

Calculate the volume of a rectangular prism that is 4.0 cm high, 3.0 cm, and 2.0 cm wide. Express the answer using proper significant figures and units.

V= lwh

V=(3.0 cm)(2.0 cm)(4.0 cm)

V=24 cm³

Calculate the density of 2.00 cm³ of salt having a mass of 4.32 g. Express the answer using proper significant figures and units.




Essay: Describe two limitations of science and explain why Christians should be aware of them.

  • The scope of science is limited to the study of created matter and energy in the present. Science cannot study God, for He is the Creator and not bound by the laws of creation. Science cannot explain man's soul, human behavior, or the difference between right and wrong.
  • Science relies on assumptions. al long-held assumption may be treated as fact despite evidence against it.
  • Bias exists because human nature often leads one to see and believe that he wants to be true, not necessarily what actually is true. Bias may cause a scientist to incorrectly interpret the results of an experiment to support his hypotheses when the data actually provides no evidence either for or again his hypothesis.
  • Science can only provide approximate descriptions of the the world works.

be sure you know the quantity and correct metric unit

capacity = liter

mass = kilogram

length = meter

time = second