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Something that can be witnessed and recorded is called a(n) _____.
Temperature is ____
a measure of the energy
A quantitative observation is known as a(n)
heat tells us_____
how much energy is held at the moment
Quanitity unit symbol
1.______ meter m
2.Mass __ __
3.time ___ ____
4.Temp. ___ ____
5.volume ___ ____
Quanitity unit symbol
1.Length meter m
2.Mass kg kg
3.time secound s
4.Temp. Kelvin K 5.volume cubic meter m3
1 mL = __cm3
What # is the metric sytem based on?
a yellow flame indicates....
more air is needed
what are the name of the 2 dishes?
evaporating dish
watch glass
what are the names of the 2 flasks?
Erlenmeyer flask
florence flask
What is matter
Has mass and occupies space
what is the rule abuot periods after symbols?
do not use one inless at the end of a sentence
The measure of quantity for matter
the color of the flame indicates....
the aomunt of air in the gas
you have (no,same,more)mass whether you are weightless in space or here on Earth
Weight is the force acting on an object due to gravity