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what would cause decreased ECF and ICF volumes and increased osmolarity of both compartmets
excessive sweating
after a substance is injected into the body, it appears to be evenly distributed to 2/3 of the total body water it must be...
in the intracellular compartment only
the diffusion of lipid soluble particles across a memebrane would decrease with...
an increase in the size of the particle diffusing
hematocrit would increase with....
people who are heavy smokers
when RBC's are destroyed what occurs...
bilirubin is formed from the breakdown of the heme
what is not found in circulating blood
what is not normally found circulating in the blood?
what is not found circulating in plasma?
wqhat is not considered a process in hemostasis?
most of the carbs in the body are found in the form of what?
what happens if the NA/K pump is stopped
person will develop hyperkalemia and hyponatremia
what bld disorder would a person have microcyctic RBC's?
iron deficiency anemia
what bld disorder would a person have macrocytic RBC's?
erythroblastosis fetalis
edema appears in people who are _______ due to the decreased plasma oncotic pressure?
most protein in the blood are synthesized in the _______ while the cells are produced in the ________?
liver;bone marrow
if the [NA+] in the ICF is halved what happens to its rate of diffusion along the concentration gradient?
it doubles
the fluid compartment with a high K+ and high [protein] is called?
intracellular fluid
in comparing ICF, ISF, and Plasma on would find that...
the ISF contains a greater volume of water than plasma does
what converts prothrombin to thrombin
stuart factor x
net water movement will always be from ______ solutions to _______ solutions?
hypotonic; hypertonic
Procrit or Epoetin Alpha stimulates the production of what?
blood cells and bone marrow
what conditions would lead to anemia?
removal of the ileum, GI bleeding, kidney failure, and removal of the stomach
hemoglobin s is composed of?
two alpha and two beta chains
the extrinsic pathway is initiated by
release of factor III from damaged tissues

(tissue thromboplastin)
the intrinsic pathway is initiated by
activation of factor XII

which of the clotting factors is not a plasminogen activator?
III tissue thromboplastin
what would be elevated in a person after donating blood?
low doses of aspirin inibit clottig by blocking the formation of....
thromboxane A
People who suffer from hemophellia A
don't have functional intrinsic pathways
when a solution dehydrates a cell what dopes it do to the osmolarity of the solution?
it is hypertonic to the cell
a person with AB- blood
always has both A and B antigens in their blood
if a child is type b his mother is _____ and his father couldn't be ______
A; A
responsible for carrying iron in the blood
protein concentration is greatest in_____
K+ concentration is greatest in ______
largest percentage of body water is found in _______
the volume and osmolarity of _______ increases the most in a person with untreated diabetes mellitus?
moves substances along their concentration gradients
difussion and carrier mediated transport
moves substances against their concentration gradients
active transport
IV solution given to a patient to reduce edema
placing RBC's into a ______ solution would cause them to crenate
to rehydrate a person who was severly dehydrated you would give what IV solution?
clay colored feces is associated with
hepatic and posthepatic jaundice
what blood type would a baby born with erythroblastosis fetalis if the blood also conatined A and B antibodies
plasma from what blood type can be used on anyone?
RBC from what blood type can be used on anyone?
what activates plasminogen and initiates the intrinsic pathway
Hageman factor XII
heparin prevents the activation of _______
prothrombin I
what directly activates prothrombin
stuart factor X
what drug can have its effects reversed by giving vitamin K
diabetes mellitus is associated with...
excessive arterial clots
DIC is associated with...
excessive bleeding and clotting
prolonged bed rest is associated with ....
excessive venous clots
Von Wildebrands disease is associated with ....
excessive bleeding