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Describe the sales organizational level
Company code
Sales Area
Sales Organization
Storage location
Shipping point
The sales organization is responsible for:
1. distributing goods and services
2. negotiating sales conditions
3. product liability & rights of recourse
The sales organization is uniquely assigned to a company code. Can you assign a sales organization to more than one company code?
The division represents
a product line
The sales area is a combination of sales organization, distribution channelm and division. It defines the
distribution channel a sales organization uses to sell products from a certain division.
When can a Plant represent an office location?
If you sell services, then the Plant can represent the location of services.
Does a Plant need to exist for the sales order management?
Yes. A Plant can be assigned to multiple sales organizations.
A shipping point is
a physical place and it should be near the delivery plant.
There are several sources of data for a sales order, what are they?
1. Customer master data
2. Material master data
3. Condition master data
4. Output master data
5. Customer-material info record
What are the categories in the Customer Master data?
1. General data
2. Sales Area data
3. Company Code Data
You store the partner functions in the customer master. What are the manudatory functions?
1. Sold to party
2. Ship to party
3. Payer
4. Bill to party

Other partner functions, contact person, forwarding agent, personnel
Why do you use the customer-material information record?
1. Cross-reference from your customer's material # to your material #
2. Specific shipping information
In the output master data, what are the output types?
1. Partner function
2. Transaction medium
3. Time
4. Language
The condition master data contains
1. Prices
2. Surcharge / discount
3. Freight
4. Taxes
Describe the Order to Cash Business Overview
Sales Order
Inventory Sourcing
What is the difference between Customer Inquiry and Customer Quotation?
The quotation is a legal combining contract, inquiry is non-binding.
The sales quotation is only valid in the sales organization? (T/F)
A sales document is grouped into three levels
Schedule line (Delivery date / quantities per line item)
Incompletoin log functions are available in (2 items)
the sales order and in the delivery.
An availability check occurs during sales order processing if:
1. Material requires an inventory check
2. Availability check is in Customizing for the transaction

From the Available to Promise (ATP) screen you can access quantities.
Shipping processing supports
Creating outbound deliveries
Picking (optional)
Packing (optional)
Post the goods issue
To combine multiple sales orders for delivery what must be the same?
Shipping point
Due date
Ship-to address
How can you optimize picking?
You can sort the picking list according to storage bin and material and also calculate the quantities per material
What is carried out when posting the goods issue?
1. Quantity in material planning is updated
2. The value change in the BS inventory accounts
3. Creates FI document
4. Billing due list is generated
5. Status in all relevant sales document is updated
When can you combine a billing documents?
Same payer
Same billing
Same destination country
What are the two level of a billing document?
What happens when a bill is posted?
1. Updates the status of sales, delivery and billing documents
2. Updates sales statistics in SIS
3. Credit to Customer Account
What can the document flow screen show you?
WMS Transfers
Goods Issue
Accounting doc
Information sources in Sale Oreder Management
Lists and reports:
Online lists and reporting
Document flow

Sales Information System
Information structures
Standard analyses
Flexible analysis
What are the two categories for List reports?
Online lists
The billing due list is used to
create invoices for outbound deliveries and orders
What tool allows you to quickly view the status of a document?
Document flow
What term is used to describe prices and discounts?
How do you know that payment has been received from the customer for a particular invoice>
The overall processing status of the accounting document changes to 'Cleared'
What is the smallest level organizational level for external accounting? (pg 379)
Company code
Each sales and distribution document is assigned to (pg 383)
exactly one sales area.
Assigning a plant to a company code for sales distribution module is optional? (T/F)
False - A plant must be uniquely assigned to a company code and is required for sales and distribution. The plant is essential for determining the shipping point.
A sales order can refer to a business transaction that already exists in the system. Name two documents: (pg 408)
Inquiry document
Quotation document
Can a quotation result in several sales orders? (Y/N) (pg 408)
The communication between sales and distribution and procurement is carried out via requirements. The transfer of requirements type can influence the? (pg 411)
availability check.
A client is running Sales Order Management in SAP ERP. They ask your opinion on distribution channels. You explain distribution channels are used for which of the following?
Define responsibilities
Achieve flexible pricing
Differentiate sales statistics