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Vocabulary Development
Developing an understanding of meaning of words.
Activity- cloze reading, ,maintain a file box with vocabulary words and add to them, word wall.
Sight Words
Words recognized immediately
Activity- flash cards, bingo, word wall, dolche list, give all the children a word from the dolche list and have them wear it on a string for the week. At the end of the week they should be able to write the word, spell it, and use it in a sentence. Faculty will stop the children randomly in the hall and ask them there word.
Relationship between sounds in speech and spelling words pattern.
Activity- Taking apart prefixes and suffixes
Assessment/ Evaluation
Any method used to understand what kind of knowledge students possess.
Activity- checking hw, listening to responses to questions, keeping a portfolio.
Independent Writing
Writing on own for various purposes. Includes drafting, revising, editing
Activity-keeping a journal, story on pix
Study Skills
Basic skills needed for organized learning. Organizing tasking sorting information, listening for important info.
Activity- Flash Cards
Independent Reading
Children read just write books on own or with a partner
Activity- read silently use post it to mark important events in story.
Shared Writing
Student/teacher work together to compose pieces of writing
Activity- write w/teacher teacher have certain focus and questions around which the writing is about.
Guided Reading
Teacher read wit student goal is to teach strategies for student to read on own
Activity- small group work on specific strategy
Guided Writing
Teacher guided students through writing experience
Activity- have write family first handing in outline have them do a rough draft
Shared Reading
Children join in reading of large book or large text.
Activity- teacher model strategy turn talk during read aloud accountable talk
Read Aloud
Teacher reads class model fluent reading
Activity- Read a story that interests students attention think pair share activity
Spelling / Grammar
Inventive spelling
Activity- have students edit eachother work