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When lifting off the main boom, how is the effective weight of the fly/ jib different in the erected position from that of the stowed position ?

Effective weight increases

Who must determine maximum speed for a mobile crane to travel with a suspended load ?

The competent person

How does the effective weight of a stowed extention relate to the actual weight of the extension ?

Lower than the actual weight

Using a telescopic mobile and lifting off the jib with the main boom partially extended, you should use ____ to determine gross capacity .

Boom angle

___ is required to be on a mobile telescopic boom crane in order to lift a personnel platform?

Boom length indicator

When operating a rough terrain crane and extending the outriggers beams from the upper cab, you should?

Make visual contact with beam and jack

What item listed below can be removed from a carrier deck mobile crane, and continue to be operational ?

Jib/fly extension

Traveling a rear engine mounted rough terrain mobile crane, with a suspended load you should position the load:

Over the front quadrant

A telescopic boom mobile crane is going to lift a personnel platform, what is required from the list below to be operational on the crane ?

Controlled load lowering

Which boom configuration can cause the most hazardous boom side loading condition ?

Long boom w/ min. Radius

A crane losses stability when it leverage on the load is :

Less than the loads leverage on the crane

When a telescopic boom extension is offset from main boom, the cranes capacity normally will be:


On mobile cranes the boom angle indicator indicates what to the operator ?

Angle of boom to horizontal

When working near power lines and using a tag lines, which type of rope is least conductive to electricity?


Backward stability of a mobile crane is tested on ?

Basic boom at maximum angle with no load

When rough terrain crane is working on tires, backward tipping is most likely to occur over?

Side quadrant at a short radius

Rough terrain mobile crane capacities are generally greater over the:


Mobile truck crane capacities are generally greater over the :