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What does OSI stand for?
Open System Interconnect Model
What is a protocol?
It is a standard set of rules that determine how systems will communicate across networks
What does TCP/IP stand for?
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
What is Layer 7 of the OSI Model?
Application Layer
What layer works closest to the user (in the OSI Model)?
Application Layer
This layer does not include applications, but is does include the protocols that support applications.
Application Layer (7)
Examples of protocols working at the application layer include:
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, HTTP, FTP, TFTP, WWW
What does LPD stand for?
Line Printer Daemon-- a protocol that works on the application layer
What OSI layer does TELNET work at?
Layer 7-- Application
Applications communicate to the underlying protocols through...
Application Program Interfaces (API)
SMTP is found at what layer?
Application Layer (7)
Below Layer 7 is Layer 6. It is known as the...
Presentation Layer
What does the Presentation Layer do?
-Recieves info from the application layer
-Put it into format any computer using the OSI model can understand
What layer allows different computers to open a Word file?
Presentation Layer (6). It uses data representation processing.
What layer handles compression and data encryption?
Presentation Layer (6)
The top three layers of the OSI Model are...
1- Application 7
2- Presentation 6
3- Session 5
TIFF, JPEG graphics are handled at the ______ layer
Presentation Layer
If a program at the application layer requests a certain file to be encrypted before being transferred over the network, the ______ ________ is where this will occur.
Presentation Layer
The third layer down in the OSI Model is the...
Session Layer (5)
Three responsibilities of the Session Layer:
-Estab connection between computers
-Maintaining connection
-Controlling release of the connection