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Model of cooperative group work used to develop the KidPix slideshow
Like a type of puzzle
Classroom computer center mangement strategy that frees the teacher from, "Is it my turn yet?!"
Been There - Not Yet Chart
Can use Post-It notes or clothespins
Computer home for the floppy disk
A:\ drive
It's name is a letter of the alphabet
Menu in KidPix where you can change Stamp sets
Not Baddies
Software used for rotating, resizing and cropping digital images
Microsoft Photo Editor
A Microsoft Product
The Forsyth County Policy that defines appropriate use of technology by staff and students
AUP - Appropriate Use Policy
Found in the Teacher's Handbook and on the County website
Software used to create concept maps
It can inspire thinking
TIPS stands for this
Technology Integration for Performance Standards
Think Technology and Standards
The center of all TIPS lesson plans
Standards and Benchmarks
Our County curriculum