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What is the proper thing to do if one of the employees in your crew complains about having to do a hard job?

Explain that all employees must do their fair share of the hard work as well as the easier task

What is an efficient means a supervisor can utilize to be certain scheduled maintenance is completed?

Use a form that compares work assigned with work completed

As an individual progresses upward and management, Reliance on personal technical skill generally:


What is the primary reason to contact other companies with underground Utilities in the area before and underground job repair?

So these other companies can mark the location of the utilities in the area of the job repair

After arriving at a job site to repair a sewer and an easement , what task should be completed before the actual repair is started?

Conduct a tailgate safety and pre-construction meeting, identify any plants or shrubs that will have to be transplanted or replaced, notify the homeowner, Place traffic homes on traffic side of truck at front and rear of truck

What is an insufficient situation that a private contractor will be used to accomplish a sewer repair job?

Your own crew doesn't like dig ups

When an employer refuses to use proper PPE oh, what action should the immediate supervisor take?

Initiate an immediate disciplinary action

What determines the size of a crew?

The need for Traffic Control, safety regulations, the type of activity, and the type of equipment

While in organizational chart for a sewer utility can be helpful, what is the least valid objective of the organizational chart?

To help in scheduling emergencies

Why are organizational charts helpful?

They show: how the collection system Personnel are organized, the chain of command within an agency, the structure of the agency

What would you do if you were in charge of a large operation with four Foreman oh, three whose work was exceptionally good and the 4th who's was substandard?

Communicate with the person with the substandard work and offer to help the person before any action is taken

Increase funds for the year are limited, however two or three outstanding newly employed individuals are grossly underpaid for their services. How should this situation be handled?

Call a staff meeting, explain the situation and raise their salaries

Word has come down from the top that operating funds are being cut, how should the situation be handled?

Let the other Personnel know what the situation is and ask for their help

A single opening has become available, which would be an advancement to any one of three qualified and eager employees. How should this situation be handled?

Talk to the three as a group, explain the situation, and make your selection. Then notify all Personnel of the change

What are good techniques to use when training a new employee?

Pacing carefully the amount of new material you give to him or her to learn

What are sources for more information and training courses?

Federal, state, and local water pollution control agencies; libraries; state and local Water Pollution Control associations; Water Pollution Control Federation

__________ is not the purpose of certification programs.

Guaranteeing collection system operators Security in their present positions

What are important parts of good public relations?

A neat appearance, making a good first impression, providing an equal level of service to everyone, and the proper attitude

Who benefits from good public relations?

Employees, management, and the public

What are reasonable and valid objectives are they cost accounting program for a Wastewater utility?

Identify methods or measures for controlling increases in operating cost, provide data for budget development and preparation, provide data that helps in making decisions about repairs versus replacement of equipment items

A 40 horsepower motor runs on an average of 16 hours per day. What will the monthly power cost be if the motor is 80% efficient and electricity cost $0.03 per kilowatt hour? (Assume a month is equal to 30 days)


Estimate the construction cost of a sanitary sewer project. The project consists of 266 ft of 6 inch sewer and one manhole. Cost are estimated for excavation and backfill at $9.20 per lineal foot, delivery of pipe cost at $2 per linear foot, a complete manhole at $650 each.


What is a standard type of maintenance program?

Preventive maintenance

What will a good collection system maintenance program include?

A regular inspection schedule, a thorough knowledge of the subject, adequate record-keeping and sewer line location maps oh, and good public relations

What items would you take into consideration when scheduling the frequency of visits to a lift station?

The design of the facility, seriousness of failure they may incur, Telemetry system

What is the objective for a preventive maintenance program?

Reduce emergency repairs and maintenance

What are the reasons why equipment nameplate data must be filed and recorded?

Information is needed to order a replacement parts, manufacturer may not be able to find the information, nameplate could become corroded, nameplate could be lost

What information must be on a warning tag attached to a switch that has been locked out?

Signature of a person who locked out the switch and who is the only person authorized to remove the tag

What are characteristics of an effective safety program?

Adequate safety equipment is available, basic safety Concepts and practices are thoroughly understood by all workers, everyone realizes safety is a continuing learning and relearning process, everyone participates and accept their personal responsibility for safety

What does an effective safety program require?

Active participation by all employees, all Foreman to acquire a first aid card within 30 days of such appointment, all supervisors to possess a valid first aid card, at least one member of the crew to possess a valid first aid card

Active horseplay by people on the crew should be:

Stopped immediately because it's likely to cause an accident

What items of information are required for an accident report?

Description of the accident, whether or not defective equipment or unsafe conditions contribute to the accident, number of people involved in the accident, what injured person did to cause accident if anything

What is the main reason for the poor accident record of collection system workers in the past?

Lack of training

What are the advantages and having emergency service crew supervisor inspect emergency service request and or complaints?

Contact with the public by an experienced supervisor, on the spot evaluation of the problem by the supervisor, selection of a solution and procedure to solve the problem by an experienced supervisor

Why is disaster planning useful?

It reduces confusion in the event of a disaster

What items must be included in a municipal sewer Construction contract?

Material performance clause, performance bond with payment of vendor clause, performance test clause, presence of qualified inspector on job site

What should a sewer ordinance prohibit Wastewater from containing?

Toxic substances

What task should a sewer use ordinance specify the personnel perform?


What should easement agreements provide a right of access for?

Construction, inspection, maintenance, repair

What conditions would it municipality be responsible for damage to health or property resulting from the malfunction of its collection system?

Contamination of Water Supplies, and adequacy of design of sewers or other works, pollution of streams, poor maintenance or operation

What is not an effective precaution to protect a Wastewater facility against

Combination padlocks on the gates

What are good records on acts of vandalism, repair, and clean up cost necessary for?

Documented evidence for court cases when vandals are apprehended, recordes cost of insurance claims, and shows extent and pattern of vandalism for police cooperation and patrolling

One of the most dangerous acts of vandalism is the removal of a manhole cover from the sewer and leaving the manhole shaft opened. There are areas in which this type of vandalism makes it necessary to seal the cover to the frame, but in such a fashion it can be opened with the minimum of trouble by the maintenance personnel. What is not considered to be an effective method to seal a cover to the frame?

Hasp with padlock

What types of groups are reports prepared to inform?

Management, the public, supervisors, and workers

What is the most important function of record-keeping?

Record the past and provide a sound basis on what to plan for the future

Who is responsible for being sure and agency has good record-keeping?


What should a Foreman's monthly report include?

Number of complaints received and investigated

What information should be included reports written by maintenance Personnel to provide details of unusual conditions or repairs to a lift station?

Additional maintenance scheduling required, how repairs were made, special equipment required

You have been directed to examine and review the plans and specifications for a new Waste Water Pump Station prior to the advertising for construction bids. What would be the least significant in your review?

The specific color for all piping