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What is the entire passage about?
I'm being asked to identify "subject matter".
What are essentail points of the passage?
I'm being asked to find the "main idea".
Main Idea
The one that is supported by other material or information
What are the specific facts or opinions used?
I'm being asked to locate "details"
What does the author want you to do or believe?
I will need to consider the "purpose" of the main idea or generalization here.
What conclusions can be drawn from the generalizations or the details of the passage?
I must look for the main ideas stated or implied and the details that support them. From these statements or inferences, I can draw "conclusions".
How can you apply the conclusions you have made about a passage to new situations not addressed in the passage?
The question asks me to "apply" the conclusion I have drawn and use them to determine new conclusions in situations that share some similarity to those in the passage.
What is the feeling or attitude of the author toward the subject matter of the passage?
I must look for words in this passage that express feelings. I am focusing on the writer's "tone" and "attitude".
What is the general meaning of a word used in the passage?
"As used in the passage" is the key phrase in this question. I must consider the words or sentences surrounding this unfamiliar term to determine its meaning. I must be focused on "vocabulary" in context.
What do you notice about the organization of the passage or how are the generalizations related to each other?
How does the author communicate ideas to me? I am looking for "communicatiion techinques".
What should alert you to details?
Proper Nouns and Prepositional Phrases beginning with at, on, by, near, above
The Real Number System
used in everyday mathematics
Counting Numbers (natural numbers or positive integers)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5....
Whole Numbers
set of counting numbers and 0. (0, 1, 2, 3...)
includes he set of whole numbers and the set of negative counting numbers

( -2, -1, 0, 1, 2...)
What is the set of rational numbers?
Fractions, repeating decimals, and finite devimals
Finite Decimal
one that stops

Ex:// 0.25
Repeating Decimal
one that will repeat forever

Ex:// 0.255555
Irrational Numbers
non-repeating decimals, like pi and radicals