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This system breaks down the food so that the nutrients can be easily passed into the blood and circulated throughout the body
Digestive System
This system helps cleanse the blood and the houses the white blood cells that are involved in protecting the body from environmental pathogens
Lymphatic System
This system helps maintain the water and electrolyte balance within the body, regulated the acid-base balance in the blood and removes all nitrogen-containing wastes from the body
Urinary System
This system keeps all the cells in the body supplied with oxygen and removes the carbon dioxide
Respiratory System
This system produces movement through contractions
Muscular System
This system produces offspring
Reproduction System
This system protects internal tissues from injury, waterproofs the body, and helps regulate body temp. The system also serves as a barrier to foreign substances.
Integumentary System
This system provides support and protection for the body, supplies a framework used to create movement, and serves as storage for minerals, such as calcium.
Skeletal System
This system acts as the body's control system and is necessary to protect the body from charges in the internal and external environment
Nervous System
This system controls body functions
Endocrine System
This system works as the transportation system for substances such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nutrients in the body
Circulatory System