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1. Model number
2. Horsepower
850 SHP
3. Number of N1 (compressor) turbines
4. Number of N2 (power) turbines
Two stage counter-rotating
5. How many axial stages in the compressor
6. How many centrifugal stages in the compressor
7. Coldest operating temperature
-65 F (-35 C)
8. Max time for light off
10 seconds
9. Compressor speed at 100% N1
37,500 RPM
10. Compressor speed at 102.6% N1
38,500 RPM
11. Compressor speed at 101.5% N1
a. 38,100 RPM
12. Power turbine speed at 2000 RPM N2
a. 30,000 RPM
13. Compression ratio
a. 9 to 1
14. Gear reduction ratio (power turbine to propeller gear)
a. 15 to 1
b. 30,000 RPM reduced at 15 to 1 = 2000 RPM
15. Engine fire extinguisher pressure at 70 F
a. 450 psi
16. Amount of halon agent in the handheld fire extinguishers
a. 3/4 pounds
17. Fire detectors
a. 3 per engine
18. Starter limits
a. 40,60,40,60,40,30 minutes
19. High pressure bleed air valves
a. 88 to 92 N1
20. What side of the engine
a. right
21. Low pressure bleed air valves
a. 66 to 71 N1
22. What side of the engine
a. Left
23. Percentage of air used for burning
a. 25% of intake air is primary air
24. When will you expect to be torque limited, as opposed to ITT limited
a. When it is cold outside
b. When at lower altitudes
25. What do the PCLs connect to
a. The cambox
b. The fuel control unit
26. Where do the prop levers connect to
a. Primary governor
27. Where do the condition levers go to
a. The fuel control unit
28. Can we relight an engine after using the fire extinguisher on it
a. If it is absolutely necessary
29. Why do we not start the second engine with the generator engaged during the entire starting process
a. Initially the starter requires 700 Amps. If we used the generator, this would blow the 325 AMP slow blow fuse
30. What does the test position do for autofeather
a. Bypasses the 90% N1 stipulation
31. Which engine is the critical engine
a. Left engine