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165. Battery rating
a. 24 VDC, 42 AMPS
166. Minimum battery voltage for start
a. 22 VDC
167. Generator rating
a. 28VDC, 250 AMPS
168. Max generator load on ground
a. 85%
b. Need 65% N1 to achieve this
169. Max generator load in the air
a. 100%
170. Normal generator load
a. 30%-60%
171. Max voltage difference between generators
a. 10% load difference which equals 1 volt
172. Voltage regulator keeps voltage between
a. 27.5-29V
173. Inverter rating
a. 115 +/- 5 VAC
b. Stepped down to 26 VAC
c. 600-VA
d. 400 +/- 10 Hertz
174. GPU requirements
a. Max 30 V
b. Minimum of 1000 AMPs for .1 secs
c. Minimum continuous charge of 300 AMPs
175. Minimum battery for GPU start
a. 20V
176. Current limiter rating
a. 325 AMP slow-blow fuse
177. BATTERY CHARGE light illuminates when ___
a. In excess of 7 volt charge for 6 seconds
178. When should this light extinguish
a. Within 2-5 minutes
179. Windshield heat keeps the windshield between what two temperatures
a. 90-100 F