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The Upright Magician
Strength of will, intuition, self-control, self-confidence, diplomacy.
Positive qualities of humankind: skill, initiative, intelligence, discernment, and comprehension.
Freedom from control by others.
Teacher - teaches the positive qualities of humankind.
The Reversed Magician
Cleverness, lack of scruples, trickery, cunning, subtlety. An intriguer, a liar, a charlatan, a rogue. One willing to exploit the weaknesses and trust of others. Lack of real self-esteem, domination by outside forces. Sometimes leads to disgrace or mental imbalances.
the opposite of the teacher.
The Upright High Priestess
Wisdom, serenity, knowledge, and understanding.
Judgement, learning, mystery, science, and art.
The ability to learn and teach.
Possible secrets that will be learned in time.
Feminine power.
The Reversed High Priestess
Superficial knowledge, even ignorance; inability to judge events and issues clearly.
Muddy thinking.
Prejudice and one-sidedness.
A reluctance or fear of making decisions.
The opposite of a real high priestess.
The Upright Empress
Fruitfulness of action, beauty, personal development and progress.
Domestic harmony.
Marriage and maternity.
Long life.
Understanding derived from a personal experience.
Emotional and physical comforts.
The necessities and luxuries of life.
She is pregnant with progress.
The Reversed Empress
The unknown.
Doubts and difficulties.
Loss of power, inability to solve problems or make useful plans.
Vacillation, ignorance.
It's not the simple solution, it's not barreness.
The Upright Emperor.
Authority, accomplishment, worldly power, stability, wisdom, ambition, reasoned action.
Leadership, and ability to govern wisely.
Goals reached and won.