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Thomas recently became divorced from his wide. According to the Life Change Unit Scale, this event is

More stressful than marriage

Life expectancy can be affected by

Marriage, divorce, and remarriage

Which of the following best describes the beliefs of Albert Ellis?

Emotions are not caused by events but are the results of beliefs

Researchers show that ____________ are related to alcohol abuse with Native Americans

Self efficacy expectations

In response to stress the hypothalamus releases


When stimulated by CRH the pituitary gland secretes

Adrenocorticotrophic hormone

Eric has high blood pressure, and his doctors have found no specific cause. This is most properly called

Essential hypertension

The development of mutant sells that take root in the body is known as


A mental representation of a person, place, or thing that evokes an emotional response and related behavior is

An attitude

A person who feels very strongly in the sanctity of human life is likely to support pro-life legislation, whereas someone who merely agrees that people have a right to live is less likely to be concerned over the legislation. This demonstrates that the _______ of attitudes has on behavior


Which neurotransmitter is associated with depression


If Newt Gingrich was running for office again, he would try to get people wired up over the issues. If he were a social psychologist, he winked explain that he does this because attitudes with a strong emotional impact are more...


The manner in which learning helps to shaper attitudes is through

Reinforcement and observation

When Joseph finds himself in a situation where he is needing help, he is more likely to get it when

He makes physical contact with the person he is asking for help

Which of the following factors increases the tendency to confirm?

Social shyness

Lesyk and Boyan are arguing about whether playing in a team tug-of-war makes a person work more or less than playing it one on one. Lesyk argues that it makes you loaf because of diffusion of responsibility. Bryan presents the opposite argument, that the situation would make you work harder because of

Social facilitation

Hannah's therapist believes her anxiety is the result of unconscious impulses breaking through to the conscious level. Her therapist endorses the _______ perspective.


___________ is the traditional form of psychodynamic therapy as pioneered by Sigmund Freud.


According to Freud ________ represent(s) aggressive and sexual impulses in a way that varies with ones cultural background.


Your therapist is accepting and warm. You are encouraged to feel good about yourself and to make choices that develop your potential. Your therapist uses a(n) ________ approach to treatment.


Both client-centered and Gestalt therapy aim to help clients

Integrate conflicting parts of their personalities

A therapist is helping a client ascertain what rewards are maintaining the client's drinking habit so a modification plan can be devised. This is an example of _________ therapy.


A recent divorcee is struggling in the area of communication skills. The ___________ therapist sets up a program to reinforce the client's acquisition of social skills.


Gina is sensitive to her own feelings. According to Gardner, Gina must be high in ________.


The tendency to respond to a new problem with the same approach that helped solve a similar problem is called a(n)

Mental set

You tell your therapist that you have difficulty refusing unreasonable demands placed on you by other people and that you find it impossible to initiate interpersonal relationships. Your therapist suggests

Assertive training

It is easiest to measure the outcomes of _________ goals in therapy


Which of the following therapies has shown more wide spread applicability and success?


Therapies that influence physiological process are called __________ approaches


Karen is open to new experiences, not afraid to take risks, and always strives t do get best on any project. According to Maslow, Karen demonstrates characteristics of a


Which best illustrates the concept of displacement

Geoff's boss yelled at him at work, and Geoff kicked his dog when he got home.

Patty is outgoing, sociable and assertive. According to the five-factor model she demonstrates


A person whose immune system is damaged by physical and psychological factors is more likely to develop

Cancer and tumors

Behavior patters that tighten the risk for cancer include all of the following except

Eating high fiber foods

Which of the following focuses on muscle tension to reduce the state of arousal caused by stress

Progressive relaxation

One of the most difficult consequences of agoraphobia is that those who suffer from the disorder are often unable to

Keep a job

Individuals who have experienced severe trauma or victimization may experience debilitating anxiety reactions months and years after the actual traumatic experience. For example, disaster victims or war veterans often have their first symptoms many months after the actual events. Theses patients are diagnosed as suffering from

Post traumatic stress disorder

Victims of rape generally experience feelings of anxiety and helplessness within a month of the experience of rape. This kind of anxiety response is diagnosed as

Acute stress disorder

The difference between depression and major depression is that

With major depression not only are the feelings more intense but the dysfunction is more pervasive

A counselor believes the cause of depression in his client is their instance that they have no choice in like because they are governed by fate and chance. The counselor supports the ______ view of depression.


Research with brain imaging suggests that different emotions, such as happiness and sadness involve

Different brain structures

Hockey players who exhibit a high level of aggressive behavior in the rink are considered


The diagnostic and statistical manual provides the most widely used system for _______ psychological disorders


Little Brandon says "mama" and points at his mother, indicating she is is mother. Brandon is using

A holophrase

Mental activity involved in understanding, processing and communicating information is called


Eric experiences reoccurring panic attacks. He has become so afraid of having another panic attack he refuses to leave home. Eric exhibits

Panic disorder with agoraphobia

When Milgram replicated his original study on 1974 but did so in a dingy storefront, the percentage of people who complied with the experiment

Decreased from 65% to 48%

In panic disorder, biological imbalances might initially trigger an attack. However, later feelings of helplessness can increase fear. This description demonstrates _________ biological and psychological factors in mental disorders.

Interaction of

Mrs. Pearson cut Judy's hotdog into eight pieces and Sylvia's into six pieces. Sylvia cried because she felt she wasn't getting as much hotdog as Judy. Piaget would say that Sylvia doesn't understand the principle of


By helping their infant children feel safe and secure, parents encourage


Piaget is to Erikson as

Cognitive is to psycho-social

Which type of parenting is most likely to say "Because I said so" to get children's obedience?


Consider the moral dilemma faced by the husband trying to decide whether to steal a drug he cannot afford, but which will save his wife's life. If Nigel says the husband shouldn't steal the drug because he'll be punished for this action, Nigel is showing moral judgement at the

Post conventional level

The question "Why me?" and being irritable with loved ones is characteristics of the _______ stage of dying.